A rehearsal, a dinner, a cake, and another sneak peak

All things must be done decently and in order. So first there is the rehearsal of the big event . . .

where everyone lets go of their pent-up concerns about how this is going to happen

And later, there’s the rehearsal dinner where speeches, roasts, gifts, and toasts take place . . .

and the bride talks intently with her Matron of Honor (left) and her Maid of Honor (right)

. . . and sweet “thank you” kisses for wedding gifts exchanged.


It’s Wedding Day and just hours before the Big Event, the mother of the bride puts her last-minute touches on the reception hall, and catches her breath when she sees the wedding cake.

The Bride will love it. It is exactly what she envisioned.


The next stop, a close friend’s house where the Maids are attending the Bride. And here’s your sneak peak of them after they are dressed and made up.

and later, a contemplative Bride . . .

just an hour before the wedding–calm and absolutely gorgeous.

My little girl, all grown up into this amazing woman about to give her life to man I pray and believe is worthy of her dedication and her love. They will have a covenant marriage–and they have been saving themselves for this night–a rare thing in this day and age.

May God totally bless their wedding night with complete marital bliss.


They are on their honeymoon in New Orleans. The professional photos of the wedding and reception have not yet arrived. I will share some when they do.


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  1. I shouldn’t have looked at all the pictures! After seeing the Bride, I’ve got “White Lace and Promises” running through my head! It’s a broken record! Shows my age huh? The “Song” and “Record”.
    Joking aside, I wish for the newly weds a lifetime of happiness.

  2. The sneak peaks are great! I can’t wait to see more! She looks positively enraptured! Lots of love and congrats to the family!

  3. Something I learned about myself at Weight Watchers: When I go to a wedding, I look for the cake before I look for the bride. Thanks for the cake photo.
    I LOVE wedding cake.

    Well, Trish, would you like to hear a cake story? The lady decorating the cake didn’t like the way it was turning out, so she called the ladies at the cake shop she once owned and asked them if they could “quickly” bake the layers again and decorate them at the shop. HOWEVER, my daughter isn’t conventional, so there was a red velvet layer to this cake; and a carrot cake layer, and the white layer had lemon filling. Guess what? All the separate layers were delivered to the church, along with the finished cake in the photo, and at the end of the night, we were BEGGING people to take cake home. Oh, let’s not forget the chocolate “Doberge” groom’s cake, too. The only cake layer that was totally eaten was the carrot cake – as it was made from scratch and not from a box. You could have taken home enough cake to put in your freezer to make yourself happy for a very long time—except at your weigh-ins!!!!

  4. The Bride, the cake…all absolutely beautiful!!!! She looks sooooo happy, made me feel a happy inside just looking at her picture, thanks BW! My inner secret wish is to be able to decorate a cake like that! its beautiful! We still want to see more pics when you have them!!! oooh yeah…the big question…did…you…cry? We gotta know girl, cuz we love ya! So spill….did you make it through with mascara intact..?
    Deb in TX

  5. Whoa – you don’t need professional pics. Those are great!!

    Your compliment is so kind, but I am just an amateur – – a loving mother photographing her lovely daughter!!!!

  6. Dear Friends,
    When I have more photos to share, I will give you more details of this magnificent event. Until then, Debbi will just have to wonder whether or not I cried!!!! I will tell all soon! I promise!

  7. What beautiful pictures! Your daughter looks radiant! And I agree with Emilie, the cake is splendid! So elegant! Congratulations to the Proud Bayou Mama!