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  1. Oh yeah!!! Crawfish boil……and crawfish stew. Here in northern Illinois crawfish are as rare as hens teeth so I do a shrimp boil and shrimp stew. The first cooking lesson should always be how to make a proper roux. I’m madly trying to attract advertisers so that I can afford a road trip south to the bayou!!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  2. I said I would NEVER live in Louisiana again…thanks to my exxxxxxx….but perhaps south Louisiana would be far enuff to change my mind..that stew is working on me…

    • Sweet M, I want you ALL to follow LilSis Heather on down here. No matter how bad the economy gets, we always need nurses, doctors, and morticians and the bright side is we can ALWAYS catch something out of the bayou good to eat!!!! Okay, now who’s gonna do the garden?

  3. Will you come pick me up and never bring me back home?!?!? LOL 🙂 That looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good – I have gone through more keyboards when you post a recipe they get shorted out from DROOL!!

  4. Seems everytime I read your blog I leave drooling! The food you eat looks so fantastic.

    We’ve spent the last few weeks in the Everglades. Some areas have tons of alligators while others have none. Man has really had their hand in ruining this part of FL. I sure would love to have seen it 200 years ago.

  5. Lil Sis, cover you head hon, That storm just passed over us and headin straight for you…I’ll keep ya’ll in my prayers. I had to stay over tonight & just as I pulled out of the parking lot, the Longview tornado sirens started up, quit for 5 mins then started up again…my lil guy was at home alone…& not answering the phone! I floored it all the way to Hallsville!!! Thank the Lord he was safe. Thank the Lord the poepoe didnt try to stop me, they would have had to follow me home…I WASNT stoppin for n o b o d y! KTBS says the storm is now over downtown S’port…may God bless you & keep you.

  6. Hey, hey, hey! Been a bit of a wacky few weeks, and I’ve not the opportunity to visit and read your blog!

    However, I did want to scoot on for a quick minute and say…

    BW, hope you have a wonderful week-end of personal prep to celebrate the risen Lord on Sunday!

    Love you!!!

  7. I need some real serious lessons on mud bug slurping and de-meating the tail.
    I will starve living down there full time. I waded through them three times now.
    Success at the tail thing? Maybe 12 out of 200?

    I need a nap. 951 miles and 15.5 hours back to here including side trips gas and the drawbridge 15 minute delay.

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