A very fishy story continued . . . — 18 Comments

  1. WOW, we are going to have to come visit next summer! I will have to post a pic on FB of the perch my son caught at the pond the other day, he was laughing so hard he could barely talk, it was literally the same size as the worm he used for bait! He would have a blast with Termite!!!!!

  2. Awesome post (and not just because you get to see those beautiful fish I caught!) Cold and rainy in the Great Lakes state this morning. Unfortunately, not good conditions for this part of the world. Forecast for the rest of the week is looking up however. Today will be a good day to my gear in order to hit the lake tomorrow in search of some bass, bluegill, and perch action, but man I wish we had some reds up here!

  3. Those look so good. Wish it wasn’t so far to drive. I would love to go on one of those fishing trips.
    I’ll just sit here and watch all of you have fun and pretend I’m there.
    Love those photos!

  4. The fish pics will be up in just a minute or two on FB. They aren’t very good as they were taken with my cell phone camera but they are funny!

  5. I SO envy you! I love to fish! you are quite a woman Wendy – your love for your bayou is amazing.. taggin fish filling out papers for it. THAT is dedication!! Much love to you!!!

  6. My espresso cups arrived!! Thanks Wendy and SteveScott.

    My granddaughter has already staked a claim on them and wants me to get the espresso machine down so she can have some. She will have to wait until she gets back from vacation in two weeks so papa can climb the ladder to the top shelf. I have vertigo today. She thinks they are “cool”. I think they are too cute to use.

  7. I finally got around to looking at Diane’s photo page. I am SOOOOOOOOO green with envy. I wish I was fishin! Ok, it’s time for another topic. What’s cooking in the kitchen? Hey, did you try the Shrimp Fettucini recipe?

    • Hey, now, Steff, you had a great trip t Grand Isle not too long ago—-reeling in those trout and who knows what else! And probably crabbing and cast netting and all kinds of good fun! I haven’t had time to try it yet. The Captain is not a person to try a recipe on. He’s kinda stuck in his ways. I will surely post it when I do, though!

    • I wasn’t aware of any problems! I was baking all afternoon, so it wasn’t me!!!! Are things better now? Glad you made it back in, regardless! Please comment more often. We love new views here! BW

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