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Dear Folks,

There are a couple of good reasons you haven’t seen a new post from me this week.  One, I’m in the throes of making preparations for the first Bayou Woman Adventure next weekend.  Six amazing women will be joining for me a not-yet-revealed adventure of a lifetime!

Second, I’ve been studying long and hard for this Saturday’s upcoming radio show topic about a man who shot a trophy deer in Illinois, brought the testicles back here on ice, and someone from LSU extracted the semen from this deer and then artificially inseminated does at a research farm.  Some of those fawns are about to be born, and I have no clue how long it will be before they know if any of those will be bucks with racks the size of the Illinois big buck.  Don Dubuc, the radio host, will be posing the hard questions as to what the ramifications of patenting and licensing this extraction technique would have on things like big buck contests, legal issues, rewriting of deer record books and more.

Since I’m not a deer hunter (nor was my father), this is a topic I don’t innately know much about; and therefore have had to do lots of homework.  That is why you haven’t seen hide nor hair of me in a while.

But to keep you coming back for more bayou life, I’m taking the easy way out, and as a follow-up to the previous post asking “who was that girl?”, one reporter interviewed me and summed things up pretty well.  I thought you might like to read the article which came out yesterday in the Tri-Parish Times.

And here’s an old photo from when my book was in its hey day.

Oh, and if you want to listen Saturday morning to see if I can (not) make a total fool of myself talking about dead deer semen (GROSS), you can listen online here Saturday morning at 8.

More soon,


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  1. That is a very nice article and the photo of the camp is excellent. Good luck on the radio show.

  2. I sure hope y’all are gonna talk about fishin too! I like to eat venison, but I couldn’t care less how big its rack was.

    1. Well, Steffi, hate to disappoint but each show is a different hot topic of discussion . . . round table discussion . . . and it’s not fish Saturday. So sorry. You don’t have to listen!!! My feelings won’t be hurt!

  3. Not a real horny guy but love venison.

    Illinois can’t grow feetball players but we got some might hefty deer.

    You want horn though, Boudroux, you got’s to get yer doe pollen from Saskatchewan.

    Been playing dodge the deer all for a couple week now. Add coons, mink, skunks, and turkey to mix it is insane.

  4. Hi B.W. I read all of your blogs(your a very interesting women)and don;t comment much, but deer insemination ,balls on ice! ROFL!!! Thanks B.W. Can’t wait till Sat. morning I’ll be listening.

    1. I know, Roxanne, it’s crazy stuff. It’s hilarious that it took testicles on ice to bring you out of the woodwork, though. Now I’M rofl at you!!!! But thanks for continuing to read. I do so appreciate that, or what would be the point of keeping this blog going, right? Let me know if you think I held my own with these guys. I’m still studying this morning . . . sheesh.

  5. What a great article about you and all the education and work you do! Very enterprising, and very good for the area, B.W.! Keep up all your good hard work.

    1. Well, you know they already do that on these deer farms, but I just don’t see how this is going to ever be a technique feasible for use on wild deer. I am about to call one of the experts and hold his feet to the fire until he makes this blond understand.

      1. Instead of just having fish hatcheries, maybe the state will add a deer insemination dept. Gather up a some deer every year, inseminate them, then release them back into the wild to do what comes naturally. Run like #$@& from the people wearing bright ORANGE! LOL Hey, this might be a boost to the economy. The hunting clubs can charge more for membership, landowners (leasers) can charge the clubs more, a few more rifles, ammo, camo clothing,etc. may be purchased…It will have a trickle down effect. It might even create a few new jobs along the way.
        Ok, I’m being silly here. I’m a gun owner and I did hunt years ago, I’m just not into trophy hunting. Trophy fishing either. What I catch I eat or it goes back into the water. BTW, If at all possible, I’ll tune in for the show.

        1. Points well taken, and I have the power of EDIT!!! Well, it’s taken me another morning of study, interviews, but I finally have a clearer understanding of the value of something like this. And it’s not all about big racks! So, you’ll have to listen to the show to see if I really have learned anything or not! (And you are closer than you know on your idea of a deer insemination department!!) I have enough material to write a pretty good article, now if I just had the time . . . . .gotta run!

  6. Way back when….

    Deer been transported lots of places for a long time.

    Wisconsin to Texas etc before the skirmish after the Alamo or something.

    blu reads a lot and would like less retention. No really, no kidding.

    Beer drinking weather here….

    1. Summer thunderstorms here AGAIN. Baseball games postponed AGAIN. Two fishing rodeos this weekend, hope rain stops and wind dies down for them. Well, rain ain’t so bad but the lightning ain’t so good. Send me some retention, please. Nowadays, it is illegal to transport deer across state lines without proper certification and permits. And you know the antlers are scored on a Boone & Crockett scale, which I think is pretty cool, because they are two of my historical heroes.

  7. LADIES: One spot at the first Bayou Woman Adventure has come open and I need to fill it quickly. If you want to come this Friday (June 22) through Sunday at noon, please fill out the contact box at the bottom of the LADIES page on this blog, and we will go from there with getting you registered. Thanks so much!!! The cost for the weekend is $200, and you will only need $$ for dinner out at a local place on Saturday night.

  8. I have no idea why I’m thinking this, but it seems to me that strengthening the gene pool by introducing diversity would be a good thing. Now, don’t ask me exactly what that means – but I ran across the idea being explained in an article on plants, and it makes sense that it would translate to the animal kingdom.

    Feel free to send your rain this way. We’ll take it. You need to get it out of there before your big weekend. Hope your empty spot’s been filled already!

    1. Well, the topic has several sides to it, but they were focusing on introducing genes for big antlers and debating how that might reduce disease resistance, etc. But I was more focused on the science side of how this might be a good thing, too. The empty spot has not been filled, so I’m not sure if it will. The show will go on, though! And so far the forecast looks pretty good (barring Disturbance No. 11 changing that. I’m sure you’ve already read about it since you are a weather geek, lol!)