Agents of Decay

Whenever I see an agent of decay, like fungus, I hear my daddy saying, jokingly, “There’s a fungus among us!”

I can’t for the life of me recall what he would have possibly been referring to, because none of us had nail fungus or anything like that.

But what some folks might consider just ugly old growths on old wood, I consider things of beauty because to see them brings back that fond memory of Daddy–one among many that I have of him.

So, as I heard his voice, I took these photos, with a big smile on the face the entire time, hoping that someone out there in cyber space could also find something to appreciate in these fungi.

I was going to look them up and try to impress you with the Latin names, but I couldn’t find my field guide, and when it comes to stuff like that, I do much better with the guide in my hand than doing an online search and hope I can match my photo to theirs.

Not knowing the common name for these also makes it difficult to find them in an Internet search.

So, enjoy the photos of my good friends, the Agents of Decay!

Agents of Decay Agents of Decay Agents of Decay Agents of Decay

Maybe you have some idea where that phrase comes from — WITHOUT doing a Google search!  (No, don’t tell me it’s a song by Incubus, because Daddy was saying it along before that)

Looking forward to the end of all this cold, cold weather!



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