Airboat Adventures! — 13 Comments

  1. OU, ou, me, me! This classmate says, “saltwater intrusion”. I win, I win! Wait, is this a contest or a test?
    Seriously, Keep educating the public and keep planting that Marsh Grass.

    • Very good, Stephanie! Yes, you win a prize!!!

      It is fun, Rebel!!!

      Heidi, I’d be afraid to ride one on an icy lake, but snow might be pretty fun!! And yes, saltwater intrusion, you get an “A” for the day!

  2. There was a guy out our way that got one of these. It was funny seein’ it go around the hay field around the bales of hay and then into the pond. Too much fun.

  3. BW, I have only been on 2 rides in the Everglades. I could go for another right now. Well I would like it to be warmer. It is 4 where I live in IL.

    • Sheryl, welcome to the warm 40 degree wetlands!!! Illinois? Do you know one of the commenters here, Blufloyd? He’s from near Chicago somewhere!

      And Blu, I thought you had given up making us use our decoder rings with the new year?! Termite would love an 8hp Honda–would set him free and make him legal. I’m not sure what MD would have to worry about. And your spelling would be perfect with one less “t”. I don’t like the name Catfish for a dolphin. And stop burning your lungs like that. It’s no fun.

      Lily, it was chilly, but it was soooooo warm when we stopped!

  4. For 3 straight years before I moved to this little town on the frozen tundra.
    -17 today since you asked. An Airboat was parked on edge of town. 8 liter caddie engine. Where it went I got no idea.

    M_D got cause to worry?

    I really like the little 8hp honda powered units for batteau’s. Did I spell that right?

    Going to bed now to have irrational dreams of being a redfish guide whose clients ride on asian waterbuffalo with a pet dolphin named Catfish.

    Have another hit of fresh air?

    I almost frostbit my lungs last time.

  5. That looks like so much fun! The wind in my hair (trying to not think of the bugs in the teeth), the sights and sounds and smells! Your so lucky!

  6. Mike was asking me if you bought an airboat… I told him certainly you would have told me if you did! So I’ve never been on an airboat ride. When’s this guy taking me? I don’t think Mike’s been either. (BTW, we don’t want to go until it’s at least 70 again! I’m a wimp.)

  7. WOW! I bet that was chilly! Are you thinking of adding that kind of boat to your offerings, Captain?
    Looks like a great day out with your son.

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