Alaska Day 2 Kustatan River Flyout for Silver Salmon — 11 Comments

  1. WOW!! You made my mouth water with that photo of the salmon on the grill. I love grilled salmon, broiled salmon, salmon patties, salmon just about any way you can fix it. My grand daughter in laws family lives back in Washington now but, her dad would go up fishing and bring back fresh salmon and seafood that he would smoke. He spoiled me with his smoked salmon dip. No matter how I try, I cannon make it taste the same.

    I haven’t fished in years because I burned out on it with my family. It was almost a weekly thing during summer. But, I would love to go to Alaska and fish for salmon!!

    Your photos are great as usual. The views are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m laughing at you right now!! Don’t know if you intended to, but you reminded me of Bubba in Forrest Gump talking about all the ways he eats shrimp, LOL!!!! I am about to purchase an electric smoker and see how I can do smoking some of this beautiful salmon. I mean, it is GORGEOUS!!!!! Maybe I can post about it, too? You would love fishing in Alaska! At least for salmon, anyway! Halibut trip was too rough for me, but I hear it’s not always that way, but anytime you’re headed to the deepwater, you run that risk!!!

      • I love shrimp too! 🙂 My daughter told me tonight that her 3 boys told her to start saving $15 every two weeks and hopefully on spring break of 2021, they are taking her, their dad and their spouses and kiddos to Alaska! She has always wanted to see the northern lights and to go to Alaska. They’ve even already checked into different camps with guides for a 5 day stay.

        Since you are going to smoke that salmon, gather some pecan wood up or apple wood. Doesn’t overpower the meat. I have a small, portable, electric MasterChef grill I bought last year from QVC for about $79. It works pretty good and has two adjustable racks about 14″x14″. Fits right on top of my picnic table. Wish you were closer. My son in law has a tall, electric smoker that is less than a year old but, wanted a bigger one. The other one is just sitting there.

        Let us know how good that salmon is.

  2. I fished with salmon roe years ago, but ours were a “commercial “ product which undoubtedly had been treated as it didn’t stain. I even brought some home from Washington to try here. The only thing I can remember catching was a Choupique! 😂
    I’ve grilled but never smoked fish. I have an electric smoker which makes it easier (my opinion) to smoke something that takes a long time long like a turkey breast. Fish wouldn’t take nearly as long as long. You could easily do it on a regular bbq pit with indirect heat and a foil pouch over the coals or gas burner. Just make sure to soak your wood chips and poke holes in the pouch’s top.
    After all these years reading your blog, I still get excited about the
    “Places” you take all of us.

    • Steffi, I want to invest in a middle of the line elec smoker so I can preserve these fish and not just have them in the freezer. I don’t have a grill that will do what you recommend, although I have seen it done before. I’m not going all out on a Traeger, which was my first inclination. Just too high $ for me, ya know? I mean, they’re worth it, but I don’t grill enough to own one and just can’t economically justify the expense. I’m so glad you’re still going along with me!!!!!

  3. 1 cup white sugar
    1 cup dark brown sugar
    1 cup kosher salt
    5 pounds salmon filets

    In a large tupperware liberally coat all of the filets in the brine solution and cover.
    Place in the fridge for 1 day if you’re going to smoke it. 4 days if you are making cured lox.

    For smoking remove the filets from the brine and rinse. Set them back in the fridge on a rack to allow a pellicle to form. Usually a half day or so. It will look and feel like it has a thin layer of plastic wrap on the surface. Smoke at a lower temp (200 degrees) check every now and then for the fish to just flake apart. Remove and let cool.

    For the lox, just rinse it off, pat dry and slice thin for classic bagels and lox. The texture should resemble gummy bears.

    • Sooooo, if I leave it for 4 days, does it come out like the smoked salmon you call “candy”??? Anyway, thanks for the recipe, and I’ll let you know how it goes! Well, probably post about it, too.

  4. Mark, I know the recipe was mean for Wendy but, I hope you don’t mind if I copy it too. I will drive the 12 miles to a grocer that sells fresh (well as fresh as it can be sent to Texas), salmon and definitely try this. Thank you.

  5. I do love salmon, and I try to buy the never-frozen, wild caught when it’s on sale. I must say, I can’t imagine that anything from one of our stores could match the taste of just-caught fish grilled on a sandbar. What an experience!

    • I wish mine were never frozen, but it’s impossible to fly with fresh fish!!! I’m sure it will be the next best thing because I caught it and know how it was “handled” afterward!!!

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