All in a Day's Rest–I mean work! — 12 Comments

  1. great post, I loved it and all those wonderful amazing photos…my favorite one tho was the last.,….that smile on the captains face,…… priceless!
    Thanks for the update

  2. Deb, my sentiments exactly. BW, you look happy and relaxed. The renovations have turned into your “work”, boat riding (Wetland Tours) are just plain fun! To keep your sanity ya gotta take a day off from “work” every now and then.

  3. I liked the video. I’m still smilin’.
    I’m glad you had a nice day off. Sounds like you’ve been workin’ way too much, course I know you don’t have much choice.

  4. Just watched the video. Talk about a cardiovascular workout! That was one brave woman to cut a rug barefooted. I wouldn’t even attempt it with Hubby as a dance partner! LOL

  5. Used to go to a steak place where people twice as old as dirt danced to a polka band on Sunday’s starting at 7 pm. I think they had to be home at 10.
    No I am not sure if it was the dancers or the band.

    I need a bayou fix pretty bad. I just figured out the end of March is pretty far away too,

  6. I think I could handle that Cajun Line Dance (what is it called) that the ladies were doing. Looked like fun and they aren’t too far from my age…..LOL

  7. Back in my younger days, I used travel La, E.TX, & Ark c a clogging group, my FAV was going to So. La., they were soooo wonderful & always invited us to go dancing c them p. We practiced a lot & they STILL outdanced us..ALL night long. I love dancing in those little places! That line dance has to be a local thing..its not a tush push or electric slide, but I would join them in a heart beat!!!

    • Sweet and Deloutre, what say y’all come down and we can go to the Jolly Inn and learn that dance? And LilSis would like to come, too! Y’all could meet in S’port and drive down together for the weekend and we’ll stay at Camp Dularge!! Sounds like fun to me! I’m not sure what the dance is called, but it does look fun! I’ll have to look closer, but if you notice, their feet slide a little more like Cajun dancing than a tapping or stomping country style dance.

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