Anatomy of a Duck Hunt . . . — 19 Comments

  1. You know… he’ll NEVER forget these times you go duck hunting with him! The osprey picture is wonderful. I hope you don’t mind that I put it on my blog with a link to you. I think some of my readers would love to read this post.

  2. Heidi! You could make me a plaque that says that? LOL!

    Oh, and I’m still have the soaps sitting on my desk. I’m gonna sniff all the scent out of them before I get to bathe with them!!

    I just wish the osprey would have been on the other side of the bayou where the lighting would have shown his colors more.


  3. Oh Bayou Woman, do you have any idea how magical this post is? You’ve taken us all on a duck hunt, which is something that most of us will never experience. Not much duck hunting out here on the Illinois prairie. Deer? Now, that’s another story. Blaze orange is the color of the day.

    You make me long to load up the Equinox and head south for a road trip. That’s what I would really love to do with what’s left of my life – see the U.S.A. in my Chevrolet, meeting people and eating in small diners.

    The last photo of Termite paddling out of the marsh is pure magic, as was the moment for you and your son.

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Suzanne,
    Thanks so much! And guess what? We share a favorite author! One day I’d love to visit her home, as well! When you head south, let me know so I an leave the light on at Camp Dularge for you!

  5. What an amazing life you lead, and the photography was magical!

    I hope you don’t mind but I would really like to link you to my blog. I may NEVER get to the bayou’s except through you, but at least I can get there this way.


  6. Glad to hear Termite got at least one duck. I’m SURE you reminded him to load his duck calls this time. LOL! Christmas idea Mommer…a 12 volt “cigarette” plug for the boat and a new 1 1/2-2 million candle power light. The pics are great! Keep making memories.

  7. MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve sent this wonderful Blog and your fantastic photos onto my grandson who is thoroughly an enthusiastic hunter, trapper, fisherman and all around nature lover!

    We had 2′ of snow here until today when it began to rain and melted half of it. Lots more snow coming our way this week! We live in the snowbelt of
    N.W. PA…….up close to Lake Erie!

  8. Man oh man that brings back some memories of hunting with Dad and big brother as teenagers back when Toledo Bend was still huntable. Great times. When Term gets to be our age it looks like he will have some fine memories to look back on as well.

    Dinner Pics?

  9. Hi Kim! Well, come on home for a spell!

    JudyB – What an interesting blog you have and such beautiful photos! I’ll be visiting more often. BTW, some boys from Slidell painted “the cypress cottage” for me post hurricane season this year. They drove down here every day!

    Rick – Thank you, sir. And how did you find me?

    Steffi – Good advice. Already have the plug-in, but like all the rest of electronics, it’s inop. right now. The Q-beam is new but failed to take a charge from some reason—-back to Academy!

    Liz from PA – Welcome to the bayou and thanks for sharing with your grandson. I’d like to hear more about a young person who still traps, etc. Come by often and stay a while!

    RenRed – What dinner pics? (I just wish there were more ducks coming down to eat so it would be worth all the trouble!!!)

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