Announcing the first Bayou Woman Adventure! — 25 Comments

  1. I wish I could be there Wendy. I will be in spirit! I wish you the best on this. I’ll be on one of your weekends…….just not this one.

  2. I’m so happy and excited for you! Please send me the information…I’d love to be among the first participants if there’s still space 🙂

    • Ashley, so that I’ve not got inquiries all over in different places, please fill out the box at the bottom of the LADIES page, as requested!! Sorry to be so anal, but I need to keep this as organized as possible because I have so many inquiries in other places about other business things already! Thanks for understanding!

  3. Restraunt to be named later…is this to keep me from calling in sick on my business trip and ending up on the BWA trip? Lol I WANNA GO!!!! I was making hats this weekend with Nat and my mind was rolling with creativity on one to wear with a BWA t-shirt. I will text you the picture of our finished projects, so cute. 🙂

    • YES, you might wanna play hooky!! We will miss you, though. Hey, send me that photo in an email so I can really see it. It’s too tiny on my phone. It looks pretty, though! I will be selling crafts made by Bayou Women (both born, reared, and honorary!) so be thinking of you have something to offer for sale in the future.

  4. “The invitations went out on Facebook, but if you are interested consider this your invitation.”

    This sounded great till I read that part, then I started wondering why anyone would want to sign up if they didn’t get an invitation. Huh?

    • Brenda, I have a Bayou Woman page on FB and when I created the event, it automatically sent a notification to those who have “liked” the BW page, or at least that’s what the dialog box said. Tell me, did you get the Event notification on FB? There are some people on FB whom have never left a comment here, so I’m not sure if they actually read the blog, but I wanted to include them. So, I’m not sure what your comment means? Posting this on the blog was the invitation for you readers!!! I would shout it from the rooftop if I could climb up there, Brenda!!! Anyway, I edited that paragraph for clarity and if I committed some kind of faux pas, would you please tell me?

      • My bad. What you meant was “The event was announced on FB,” but I didn’t see it there, thus the confusion. No faux pas, just a brief lapse of clarity for both of us. I am so excited for all of you taking on this adventure. Sounds awesome!

  5. Well, shoot. I guess I’m going to have to miss this one, since you said it was for ladies! 😉

    I really would love to come, but June is out. We’ll try for something later. By the way, you threw out that line about tv – what’s that about? Inquiring blog-readers want to know!

    • You silly lady! I plan to offer one per season/quarter, and if interest increases and supports it, I would like to do them more often and eventually one a month. By the way, I am very willing to put these together on weekdays for those who want to come during the week and already have a group of six ready to roll!!!!

      Hm. Where did I mention TV? Blog post coming soon!

      • That is the way I live a lot stuff now, vicariously thru others stories and adventures. But, that is fine with me. I don’t get sunburned that way or get the mosquito bites. Of course, I don’t get to really have the pleasure of all the memories either. LOL!! You ladies have a blast.

  6. a guy ought to post here.

    hmmm blu’s cornfield adventures…
    stare and point at locals, stare and point at each other,
    stock the beer fridge, ride the golf cart like nascar to beer depot,
    stare while being pointed at, pointing aimlessly, driving at midnight till
    moths cover windshield, get out and stare and point…

    track corm maze plantings on ipad….

  7. Oh just heard Buckwheat Zydeco next weekend. BN, IL.

    WWHP.Com this it’d be spam but it is just blu….

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