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  1. That is some serious good news BW (about Animal Planet interviews.) With the BP trial starting up the media needs to keep the story on the front-burner. Thank you for your willingness to put your words and consistent integrity on the line. Enjoy your holiday; you’ve earned it this year!

  2. I sure hope you “name dropped” (Wetland Tours and Camp Dularge) while doing that interview. NATIONAL exposure certainly can do wonders for your businesses. Hey, what do your call the charter side of your businesses? Is your Youtube interview still on the WWW? When can we expect to be watching Animal Planet?

    • Well, I forgot to ask them if they would be sure and mention my businesses if they use me in the film; however, I did do that with the World TV people. The charter side is still called “Casual Charters”. Which Youtube interview? The Story Corps one? And recently, the one Richard Simms made while fishing last week. Or the one Diane Huhn did last year? LOL! Not sure which one you’re asking about! Animal Planet said maybe one month after the Deepwater Horizon disaster anniversary . . . May???

      • Gonna have to paint your logo on the sides and the console of your boats to ensure coverage.

        Maybe get it on something you could apply to some knit shirts, wind breakers, or even Life preservers.

        Maybe T-shirts with a picture of BW holding up a huge stringer of Spec’s with the caption, “Got Fish Fry?” LOL… I like that.
        A stringer or reds, “Rat Traps!”

        I can just see the BW talking with the Pres on the state of the wet lands, and him takin notes.

        • That’s what I love about you folks . . . . you THINK BIG!!! LOL!!! I had the web site on the old boat . . . but that can work against you sometimes, too! So BAB will remain the “unmarked boat” for a while yet!! Good ideas, though!

    • Big boys have gone back to work. It will be a quiet Christmas Day with the four of us, and then DoVi and Mike will come down for brunch. Merry Christmas to y’all, too and tell everyone that for us, okay? We will be thinking of you and our old Christmas Eve family memories . . . and don’t forget to tell your mom we miss her cookies!

  3. Don’t worry about your responses not always being exactly the same. The only people who can pull that off are the ones who have “canned” speeches, and they end up sounding more unbelievable than you ever could.

    Besides – you’re telling a story, not testifying in court. Think about the story-telling that goes on in families – every time a good one gets told, different details get remembered. It’s just the way it is. It’s going to take about a zillion retellings for you to get all the details out, so just relax and enjoy it!

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