Another Wetland Tour! — 17 Comments

  1. I especially like the photo of the snowy egret among the Cypress(?) knees. They may seem amateurish to you, but those are some beautiful photos. And what good-hearted folks to come help restore the coast and the homes.

    • That was my favorite photo too! I love the polished look of those cypress stumps!
      Hurray for t hose wonderful Midlanders who traveled south to help you and the LA wetlands!

  2. The osprey is such a handsome bird. I saw one on our tiny lake and it took my breath away. Fierce and beautiful.

    I’m catching up on posts today and I saw the ones of your housebuilding project. What an adventure. What’s with the pink studs? Mighty bright?

    somehow pink studs sounds like i’m talking dirty…

    • The pink indicates “pre-cut construction” studs, meaning they are a standard height for wall studs, no measuring, no cutting. Why pink? No clue!!! It’s good to hear from you, Sue. All that snow up there, are you able to get out now?

  3. You’re too critical of yourself. The photos are great. Did your guest come away having had a good time and stay off the banks? If they did, you did a good job at multitasking. That’s what counts.

    • Ah, yes, well the current twirled us around in circles until we were drunk before I could pull us out of the tow, but other than that, I think we did okay!!! No, we didn’t hit the bank, thank goodness! I was snapping so fast, and grabbing the wheel and throttle that I didn’t get to focus any of the few I took, that’s all I was trying to say!!!

  4. What a wonderful thing – to be able to take the Michiganders out to see a bit of your neighborhood.

    The photos are great – my favorites are the osprey. When they arrive here in the fall it’s the most thrilling thing in the world – I always hear them calling first, and then have to watch and watch to see where they are. One’s come back to the same boat mast for three years – I’m sure it’s the same one. I think their call is the best of all the birds – with the kingfisher second.

    • and then I would have to say the pileated woodpecker third, hawk fourth, eagle fifth!!! And I’m glad you like the photos. You would have loved to have been on my boat the day the osprey swooped down, caught a fish, and then the eagle swooped down in hot pursuit of the osprey’s meal. They went up, down, around, in what seemed like a game of fish tag for a long time until the eagle peeled off and headed out to get his own fish! They were both screaming the whole time. It was a feast of sights and sounds, definitely.

    • Yep, they are a great group of folks. I’m cooking white beans, rice, and fried speckled trout for them today. Yesterday, they had shrimp/crab meat stew, rice, and warm potato salad to plop in the middle! Oh, and warm, buttered French bread. Monday they had chicken and andouille gumbo with French bread. I hope they will stay forever!

        • You are mighty welcome to do that! The next major building project (which is not on my list of skills) is to do the drywall. That should be set to go in a couple of weeks after the electrician, plumber, and HVAC folks do their thing. I just sat on the master bedroom floor yesterday and daydreamed about being in the house. It’s just still really a dream . . . which is slowly coming true . . . with the help of amazing people . . . every step of the way . . .

      • Shrimp and crab meat stew? Oh my! That sounds heavenly! I sure wish this new house was closer to my apartment (or that I had my own house closer to yours!) so that I could mosy on over and beg for leftovers! Our cupboards are bare and *whine* I don’t wannnna go grocery shoppingggggg! I’m going to have to go tomorrow though. If not, it’s tomato soup and heels of bread for us.

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