Back from Alaska . . .

My latest Bayou Woman Adventure was far, far from the bayou and lasted a week, including travel to and from Soldotna, Alaska.  However, the timing for these posts couldn’t be more off, as Dotter and family are closing on a new house today, and I will be helping with packing and babysitting so they can get things moved and somewhat settled.  So, that will delay my posts about the trip.  

For those of you following my adventure on social media, I promised you blog posts with more photos, stories, and details, and I plan to fulfill that promise, but I really don’t want to be rushed.  Therefore, I will leave you with these teaser photos, with no details for now, and will come back on Wednesday to start the series because one post will not come close to covering this amazing adventure!

Enjoy the photos and get your questions ready!!!  As always, click on photo for larger image!

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

I hope these get your curiosity up!  Enjoy for now!  Be back soon, I promise!


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  1. The great thing about being from Louisiana is how much we enjoy other places. I’m looking forward to the new posts and what you’ve been up to. But how wonderful is babysitting with the wee one while mom and dad move? That’s a whole new level of exciting. Glad you’re back home.

    1. Jeri, she is such a precious darling! I’ve been so tired since I returned from Alaska followed promptly by another out of town trip for the annual Outdoor Writers conference and awards banquet, but she was a joy! New post is now up!!!

  2. Family comes first! I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer.
    Where are Dotter and Musicman moving to? I hope it’s not to far away from your precious granddaughter.

  3. I’ve missed your posts. Looking forward to the Alaskan adventure. I would love to go there. You can take me there in your posts.

    1. Pay close attention near the end of the boat-ride video where i say “I brought you with me!” The post is now up!

  4. What a great trip for you! I’m anxious to read all about it — I see that the first installment’s up. I hope it was a little cooler up there!

    1. Oh, Linda, the weather was perfect, not even a drop of rain. Low 70s with a cool breeze and no humidity! I didn’t want to leave!!!