Bayou Bounty — 4 Comments

  1. I love pecans! We have several pecan trees down at the family farm, as well as walnuts, but I much prefer pecans.

    But now I want satsumas! Gee, thanks a lot for the tease…”These are great, but you ain’t getting any!” ;- )

    When I lived in FL we had citrus trees in our backyard, and I dearly remember peeling and sectioning oranges for the dogs to eat. They made the funniest slurping sounds! Of course, we ate our fill, too.


    Just bought a new bag this morning at a road-side stand. Slurp, smack, slurp!!! Wish I could send you a bag!

  2. Are there any satsumas left? I haven’t had any yet this year and I love them!

    I bought a bag today but failed to ask the lady at the roadside stand how much longer they produce.

  3. At the Country Market here they are (no kidding) two for a dollar. Yes, that’s fifty cents apiece! No way, Jose! Not when I can buy a bag for $3 back in good ol’ Dularge! Or could have, had I remembered to bring my cash last time I came home… Please save me some! I’ll be home Friday!

    I’ll try to pick up some more before then.

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