Bayou Diversity: We take it for granted — 7 Comments

  1. Taking it for granted – isn’t that the truth? Sitting here at my desk I can turn my head and look straight across Clear Lake to the Johnson Space Center and NASA. Have I ever taken the tour? Gone to the visitor’s center? Nope. I’m pathetic.

    On the other hand, when I traveled through Mississippi for the Blues festival and came to Louisiana and wrote about it, people who live in those areas said, “Gosh. I’ve never done that” or “I’ve never seen this”. They allowed as how they’ve been taking a good bit for granted, too.

    I suppose it’s the way we’re made. But it’s a habit I’m trying to break!

  2. Any day fishing is a good day, actually catching fish is a bonus. Early Fall and late Spring are my favorite times to fish trout. Heck, anytime I’m wetting a line is my favorite time. The tour was great, I learned something and made a new friend. A boat lift sounds life a great Christmas gift to me.

  3. Almost glossed over this bit of info.
    Rolling in Friday Brady Road. Probably very incoherent by that time. Guessing 2 pm.

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