Bayou Dularge Third Annual Trash Bash

has kept me busy for the past few days, interfering with my blogging–both reading and posting.

Trash is trash, but our bayou banks have more than last year due to the storm surge of Ike last fall.  The fast-flowing water carries stuff for miles and miles, which often stops once it hits a high enough bank to impede forward progress.

That’s what happened on the western bank of Bayou Dularge, and that was the main target of trash.

This year we almost filled two dumpsters with about half the manpower of last year’s cleanup.

With two locations, the volunteers were spread a little thin, but those who showed up did a great job and I greatly appreciate it.

Here are some of the highlights of the Falgout Canal location.

Two men

Second boat

K-dog and Termite

Uneeda Cleaner Ladies

landingcraftThe Regional Military Museum even brought down their genuine military landing craft.  What a cool boat!

Jughead's Seafood

Jambalaya dinner

Just Du It BootsAnd the most coveted door prize of the day—a pair of  “Just Du It” designer boots!!!

It was a rewarding half day.  We’re planning for it to be bigger and better next year.  And hopefully, I’ll advertise it on here so folks like Steffi can make their plans to come give something back to the DU!

I’m still your


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  1. You don’t REALLY think BH would put trash in “the Kenner”? We’d have to be on the pontoon with you. AND the timing would have to be better… like after Easter. The tenor section can’t do without me. LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, you have to give more details on the Just Du It boots. I’m a shoe girl…..I need to know. I’d come help for shoes!

  3. Steffi – Well, we always need someone to sit under the tent to sign folks in and give them their door prize tickets. And there’s always someone who has a boat that can use extra riders!!! So, leave the Kenner home and bring your able bodies next year!

    Mrs. Coach – It’s a joke about those boots. All the shrimpers and crabbers down here wear these white rubber boots and other folks joked about them by calling them “Cajun Reeboks” and these are called “Just DU it” boots. I thought it was really cute!

    1. No! It was Ike the New Orleanian who grew up going to his grandparents’ camp at Mud Lake. He visits often, so he will put them to good use!

  4. I’m making an advance reservation of Camp Dularge for next year’s clean-up. Ladies, I have at least four spots open – any takers?