Bayou Fabio with huge alligator gar fish

Bayou Fabio: The Don of Dularge

Ricky with his catch of the day
Ricky with his catch of the day

That’s the title of last night’s FOX 8 news piece written by my friend Carolyn Scofield.  She did a great job of capturing the essence of Bayou Fabio and what he does for a living. Sorry I couldn’t embed the video right here for you. Technical difficulties on my end. But follow this link to watch this entertaining and informative 7 minutes!

Bayou Fabio: “Don of Dularge” speaks to FOX 8.

I will be back here later, hopefully with a good update about the opening week of brown shrimp season.



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  1. Loved it Loved it Loved it!!! Made me so homesick to hurry and come back down there. What a great piece they did on Ricky, I so want one of those crosses to add to my collection on my wall at home! Very very interesting; Capt. Wendy, I want your job!!!!

    1. Homesick? Really? You can go see his cousin, Janie, next time you come down and buy something from her. You want my job, and I want your salary, LOL!

  2. Thank you for sending this. I really enjoyed reading AND WATCHING this. i had no trouble understanding what he said at all and i would be interested in learning more about the native HOUMA people and how they utilize what nature has provided.

    1. Thanks, Louise. By the way, there are many stories archived on this blog going back five years that you would find very interesting. Do you know how to use the search bar at the top of my page? Type in Houma Indian and see what comes up.

  3. You should come over, baby sister made a run last night to Pierre Part and I have 2 each 48 qt. igloos of 21/25 whites (Beautiful shrimps) that need heading and freezing……LOL. Gonna have those cold hand blues……

    As to Swamp People, that has become the “Troy Landry & Family” show. They film the other hunters when they need filler. Except Liz, and she started with troy….LOL

    I have procrastinated long enough, Have all day to think upon fresh shrimps, geee wonder whats for supper!

    1. I just brought home an ice chest of 16/20’s white shrimp fresh off the boat, after photographing the entire process for the upcoming post. Now, The Captain is sitting out on the front porch breaking those heads 3x as fast as I could! My job is to cook some tonight and freeze the rest.

  4. DONE!! IN THE FREEZER!!!! I saved a bunch to cook tonight, but think I’ll wait for tomorrow, I have had enough shrimp smell for one day already.

    When did deheading and freezing start taking so much effort is what I want to know.

    BW, I have had oysters off the BBQ pit, you ever had any shrimp that way? I have not to my knowledge…… Probably be tuff.

    1. Mine are in the freezer too (because Captain breaks heads so fast), and we are munching on fried butterfly, and they are soooooo good!

      Wrap them in bacon and then throw them on the grill!!! Just don’t cook very long and they will be fine!

      1. Great on the BBQ! Put them on 2 skewers. They won’t spin when you turn them, and it’s much faster too. Another benefit, it keeps the bacon on. Remember, soak wooden skewers so they don’t catch on fire.
        As to the video…it was a good piece. I really enjoyed it.

    2. I do them on the grill now and then, too. They’re fine – just don’t overcook and they won’t be tough. I like to put them on skewers – makes the process easier.

      1. I gotta remember I ain’t a teenager anymore. I am not going to blame that big ice chest, the heck I am not! I bent at the knees! Where the body meets the saddle (quoting Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, the man muscle LOL), feels like I have been riding hard all day! I decided this evening that if something drops on the floor, its gonna stay on the floor tonight!

        Enough whining, I couldn’t help myself and made Shrimp Sauce Piquante tonight. It was going to be Creole but I saw the bottle of hot carrot slices in the pantry and just couldn’t help myself I broke out the peppery andouille.

        Tomorrow will try the bacon wrapped on the grill. I had forgot Pop used to make fresh shrimp-k-bobs. But marinating fresh shrimp somehow just seems a sin against the taste buds. Simply wrapped with bacon sounds much better anyway. BACON! OOOOOOoooooo En Brouchette!

        Please make sure BW and get a good photo of those clean shrimps, I realized tonight I must be a coonass cause the bowl I had the cleaned to cook with shrimps in, I just stopped and looked at them thinking how beautiful they were. I am not strange, I swear. LOL

  5. What a great piece – I really enjoyed watching it. If I ever can get my feet out of this gumbo soil and head to the land of gumbo, I’d love to meet him.

    By the way – a young fellow just got the Texas state record alligator. It was 14’3″ and 800 pounds! You can see it here. My gosh!

    1. Yes, I read that article when it came out. They definitely do things differently on Texas reserves! Pretty amazing that a greenhorn can go out and get such a huge animal. I would have liked to see that gator photographed on the line and released. I know, I’m sounding like a gator hugger, but as I read the article, I thought what a pity that the creature has probably managed to live this long . . . . I’m getting soft I guess! But what a magnificent creature!

      1. I know – I thought that, too, about releasing him. I did find this little added tidbit:

        “Bielski and his father, Troy, who is a Houston Police officer, took part in a drawing to obtain a hunting permit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to be able to go on a five-day hunt at the Daughtrey WMA. That permit provides the only opportunity to legally hunt alligators on the reservoir.”

        The article in the Chronicle said everyone in the party bagged one. I’m wondering now if the permits were issued partly to help “cull the herd”, so to speak. There are so many alligators over here now that they’re showing up everywhere, including suburban ponds and Choke Canyon’s a popular family recreational spot.

        I heard someone say that we’re on our way to becoming Florida, alligator-wise!

        1. which raises the question, is urban sprawl invading the alligator’s territory or are the alligators spreading into well-established areas? I have a real problem with humans sprawling out and then getting all up in arms when unwanted wildlife wander into their yards or recreational areas. It happens here at the “gated” camp communities that sit along the bayou. The gators had a grip on these bayous long before we did, so they belong here. WE are the intruders, and I am adamantly opposed to “killing a nuisance” gator, when it belongs here naturally. Oops, how did I get on that soap box?

          I did also read that tidbit about how they performed the lottery/permitting, which is very different from Louisiana. In Louisiana, in order to apply for a permit, you must have already worked as a licensed helper. LDWF will not just issue an alligator hunting permit to anyone who owns a rifle and can sign their name on an application!

          1. Here in Houston, the problem clearly is urban sprawl. It’s a problem affecting many more species than the alligators – deer, possums, raccoon, and even hogs are showing up where the make targets of themselves. All they’re trying to do is make a living, of course, but no one’s particularly happy to see a deer munching on their camellias.

            In other areas, the gators are just reproducing and getting a little thick, like the deer can. There are some wildlife refuges pretty close to Houston, and I’ve heard that gators “leaving” the refuge and suburbs expanding out from the city are meeting like a tideline in the middle of the bay.

      2. Wow, my thoughts exactly. I wish he would have survived another 30 years. Gator hugger?

        Ricky was charming. What a great piece.

  6. What a great bit of video on Ricky. It even had captions! (Many videos do not)

    I saw the news about that TX boy bagging that enormous gator. Glad for him – I know it was exciting – but I was also sad for the gator. To get to that age and then ~ POW~ , you’re gone.