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  1. Hi BW! Dropping by to wish you a Merry Merry Christmas! No baking here today, maybe Sunday. We are lacking in little ones to eat the sweets these days. Your cookies look delicious!

    • Oh Granny Sue! It’s so great to hear from you! Do you have snow in Virginia? Did you know that it snowed here in south La. on December 8th? How crazy that was! Some places had as much as six inches and folks went nuts over it! Hope all is well in WV with you and yours! Merry Christmas to y’all, too!

  2. Is this a soft cookie? I read about the slice of bread in the tin, but is it the “hardness” like a ginger snap or much softer?

    • Not as hard as a ginger snap, but I’ve noticed that it seems to depend on the weather the day of baking and whether I bake them an extra minute determines the crispness. They are made with shortening, which makes a little harder cookie than butter. Hope this helps.

  3. Looks good. I made 9 dozen tamales today for Christmas. Got to make Tiger Butter candy, pecan balls, salty potatoes and mashed potatoes for our Christmas Eve get together.

    Wishing you and the family the best and Merry Christmas. Enjoy feeding that new grandchild.

  4. So good to see that your’re still going strong, cooking your family traditions! Well, she’s only 7 months old, so we’re still cautious as to what we give her, but she’s such a joy! It takes me back sometimes when I see how much she looks like her mother at that age. I hope y’all have a warm holiday filled with love, Cam.

    • We are going to have the best in a long time. We got the news yesterday that my son and daughter in law were approved to finalize the adoption of their new daughter. She is 5 and a sweetie.

  5. It got up to about 78 degrees today, with the humidity sky-high, but right now the wind is howling, the temperature is dropping, and by tomorrow or Sunday it ought to be a great, low humidity baking day. I’ve been thinking about the gingersnaps my Swedish grandmother made, and sort of hankering for them. This would make a great alternative — I believe I’ll do a batch, and find someone to give them to. I have every single ingredient in the pantry — even the molasses! — so I think it’s a sign.

    I’m so glad to see your post. I’ve missed you, and now I see I missed the spider post, too. As the saying goes, it wasn’t you: it was me. I just missed it, because I got an announcement of it.

    It’s going to be a very quiet Christmas here, but I can’t say I mind terribly. The days of lots of family are over — part of the aging process, especially for those of us without kids. But the weather’s going to be beautiful. With a little visiting on tap, and a carol service at church, it will be nice. And then? A whole day down at the wildlife refuge, visiting with the birds that are flocking in like crazy: ibis, egrets, herons, teal, shovelers, grebes, scaups, and some I don’t even know.

    I hope all’s well in your world — glad to see the note about the little one, too. What a pleasure she surely brings. Merry Christmas!

    • Oh, I hope you get to make them. They’re quite easy and I find them fun to make! Recipients will love them, no doubt! Weather here held at 45 all day yesterday, with little to no variation. Very strange, indeed for s. la. weather. Hey, wildlife refuge and birds sounds divine . . . some of my best friends are birds!!! Happy New Year, Linda!

    • Mrs. Owsley? I remember your grandparents, too! Well, heck, they lived on the same street forever!!! Happy New Year, Pam.

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