Bayou-licious Crabs! — 30 Comments

        • I talked to her about making it more “bayou” by adding Cayenne, but she said (and I agree) that it would change the taste too much. These are not supposed to be spicy–are ever-so-slightly sweet with the sweet onion and caramelization, and it goes so good with the sweetness of the crab. I’m sure the Thai version is lip-smacking good, too!

    • “hope you didn’t like that one, lol”!! LOL is right! It’s almost totally healed with just one little scab left. Thanks for asking!!! These crabs really were that delicious.

  1. That looks amazing! I used the last of my frozen crab meat from when we were there last summer a few weeks ago. Must be time for a road trip!

  2. These sound really good! I’ve got a good sized wok, just need the crabs. Hey, I wonder how shrimp would do? Maybe they would turn out tasting a little like BBQ Shrimp.

  3. Ok lets see if blu can eat crab, we already know he’d starve on crawfish. Time to line up the November trip, y’all.

    Wow 2 wok blog reads in 24 hours. ‘kayotic kitchen’ did wok too even if toxic teflon.

  4. You had me when I saw the blue crab. Look at that happy face on that crab, you just know he’s going to be good to eat.

    Passed this along to a Lafayette friend who introduced me to grilled blue crabs (BBQ pit) with garlic butter.

    He said thank you, he was headed out looking for crabs! LOL

      • If you can’t find a lrg. Wok, what about using a stainless salad “bowl”. Just about any kitchen store (or Rest. Supply) have HUGE bowls. A pair of vice grips would make a great handle, too! You’ve probably got those in your toolbox.

  5. These look wonderful! I used to have a wok – suddenly I can’t remember where it is or what happened to it. I never used it, so I may have gotten rid of it. No telling.

    If your weather is anything like ours, you’re having a fine time and doing a lot of outdoor cooking. It’s just 74 right now, and in short order I’m heading out to work while it’s still lovely. Only 85 today, I think. Pretty soon we’ll have what passes for fall around here!

  6. Girl, dang those crab look mighty fine. I see nothing but good eats.
    Its one of things you need to be careful with, don’t get any on your forehead. Your tongue might beat your brains out trying to get to it. Gonna copy that one. Bill

  7. I see someone mentioned garlic and that was my first thought about it when I seen the recipe,4 or 5 clove of minced garlic when the onions go in will do a totally different but wonderful taste.

  8. Did you ever find yourself a big wok? I’d love to make this recipe but I need a bigger wok than I have. Sounds wonderful!

  9. So, what are the private parts of a crab? I never quite learned how to clean a crab for consumption. Is there a video on this?

    • Hi Janet. I don’t have a video on this. Maybe there’s one on YouTube. Turn the crab over and lift up the belly flap and break it off. Those are the private parts–T-shaped on males and broader and wider on females. Good luck!

  10. Fried jumbo soft shell blue crab, shredded iceberg, sliced tomato and pickle, fresh made tartar sauce, on a sesame seed bun. Fries on the side.


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