Bayou Night Before Christmas! — 10 Comments

  1. Love that poem! And I do love the parade of boats. Even Hallmark got in on the Bayou tradition in one of their movies. I wondered where they filmed the scene of all the boats lit up as they headed out.

  2. I just loved this. I still remember my Christmas on the Bayou with great affection. I need to do that again. Seeing the fires on the levee was splendid — and the lights in Lafayette were wonderful. That was the time a friend and I stayed in Breaux Bridge the first Christmas after Mom died, and the woman who ran the B&B there took us over to Whiskey River in Henderson. I danced the night away, and I swear I can’t remember how we got home! It’s all a blur, even though I wasn’t drinking!

    I still listen every year to Tee Jules’s “Twelve Days of Christmas”, too. Did you know it’s on YouTube? Here you go! Between that and your wonderful poem, all I want right now is some good gumbo! Merry Christmas to you and yours — maybe this will be the year I finally get over there again. I’m ready.

    (PS — I guess there will be neaux sneaux for you this year!)

      • Ha! The link worked fine, and I really enjoyed the video so much! I’m going to share it as my Christmas greeting on Facebook, I think!

    • I recall how you “hopped to” once you found out about the bonfires on the levee. Have you seen the coverage of the HUGE alligator someone designed to burn tonight? It’s fantastic!!! One of these Christmas Eve’s, I’m going to make it to the levee. Haven’t done so yet, so you are one ahead of me AND I LIVE here! Sad, but true! Merry Christmas, Linda!

  3. Lots of clubs play games to trade gifts. Each time left or right is said the gift is passed that direction. You could add some of “doze. ” words to your poem And we could use it!!! Ex. ‘‘Twas de night right before Christmas and all tru de right house etc.

    • Wow! Sounds like a crazy fun game, Sandra!!! Sorry the poem doesn’t help you out this holiday season, though! BW

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