Bayou Woman Launches Facebook Page with Contest!

It’s called “social networking”, and if you have internet access and friends, it’s difficult to escape it.

Ah yes, my skeptical friends and readers believe they can avoid it; and while some have successfully done so, I have not been so successful.

LilSis convinced me several years ago that joining Facebook would help increase my web presence and exposure.  The end result would, of course, be to grow my businesses.

However, being somewhat socially-network challenged, I did not immediately appreciate the far-reaching capabilities of Facebook nor did I take advantage of the networking potential it offers.

After being signed up on Facebook for about, oh maybe, three years, don’t you think it’s high time I put the power of this social-networking phenomenon (read:  craze) to work for me?

If not, then I don’t expect you will be participating in the accompanying contest I am going to offer as a little incentive to lure you on over to the new page that is launching right after this post gets published.  Or maybe, just maybe this will be the bait that gets you hooked on Facebook, and your Generation X family members will be so proud of you!  (Hey–they might even buy you an I Pad or laptop for Christmas!)

Oh, what will you be missing if you don’t participate?  Just a nice little prize, that’s all.

What kind of prize?  One of my photographs?  No.  Something from Community Coffee?  No. (Although I do have one more nifty plastic canister I could give away.)  How about a pony ride?  No.  I don’t have a pony, or that might be a nice prize.  A boat ride?  Now you’re getting warmer.  A fishing trip?  Warmer still.  A night at Camp Dularge?  You’re getting hot.

And if you guessed the prize just might have something to do with one of my businesses–Wetland Tours, Casual Charters, or Camp Dularge– then you would be getting so H O T, you’re burning up!

Here’s all you have to do:  Go to and sign up using your email address.  Don’t worry about all the gory details, just sign up for now and you can figure all that our later.  When in doubt, on your profile page, limit everything to “friends only”.  Besides, you don’t have to tell anybody anything about yourself if you don’t want to.

The reason you are signing up is so that you can go to my Bayou Woman page, and press the “LIKE” button.

Everyone of my current blog readers who goes over to the Bayou Woman Facebook page, clicks LIKE and leaves a comment will be entered into a random drawing for a $100 gift certificate that can be used toward a Wetland Tour, Casual Charters, or a night at Camp Dularge.

Once you get to the Bayou Woman page, do not get confused by the message there to my CURRENT Facebook friends.  They have their own contest, which is a challenge to come over here to this blog and sign up for the newsfeed!

(If this ends up being too confusing for the social-network challenged, then I will re-visit the contest and see how we can change things.)

So, let the Facebooking begin, my friends!


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  1. You just keep growing gal. As always you have inspired me (read “prodded”). I guess Ill have to finally do my FB Acadiana wetlands photo-blog. Now what to name it and ow to go about it. onwards and upwards. You are my hero!

      1. Oh, I’m so glad, Mac, because I was about to go check that link for the hundredth time (just in case folks can’t remember B A Y O U W O M A N). And, man, I hope there’s only one Bayou Woman on Facebook! I never thought to look . . . .

  2. wait if I sign up for facebook do I have to stop screaming “gay gay gay gay’ whenever the neighbors talk about it. not this window.

    It is very useful to look up drug busted peeps friends though.

  3. Glad you are posting on Facebook. I use it daily.
    When I clicked on “Like” above, I got a box asking for my user name, password, log in and then: Not a member yet? Sign up with

    What is that?

  4. Well, I went to Facebook and MAYBE I did everything correct. If not, I’ll get one of my grandchildren to guide me through! Like you, I’ve been signed up at Facebook for 3-4 years. I just don’t DO Facebook much to my friends disgust.

    1. Get them to help you! Once you get back on FB, do a search (or just click on the link in the blog post) and go to my Bayou Woman FB page and click the LIKE box. Then, you will be entered!

  5. Good luck with your endeavor – but I’ll not be signing up, for a variety of reasons. Been there, did that, and see no reason to continue it. Gave it up a year ago and never looked back.

    But hey! That’s just me! have fun with it. Just keep up with the privacy and security issues!

    And btw – I’m in Hannibal, MO tonight, listening to the barges on the upper Mississippi! Took Mom home for burial and have been through eight states in eight days – heading back to Texas tomorrow.

    1. I am ashamed to say that I was not aware you were going to do that. How are you holding up?

      For those of you who do now know this friend, she has a wonderful blog called The Task at Hand and she is an amazing writer. I love her style and want to be like her when I grow up to be an impish fairy like she is. Her mother passed away months ago, and she has taken her ashes to be buried back home and has written about it very eloquently if you would like to partake.

  6. I was here. Just wanted you to know. I couldnt get the RSS to work from my phone so I will try tomorrow.

    1. Darlene, I saw one last lingering male on Bayou Sale Rd. headed to Chauvin on Thursday. Flew right across in front of me. I bet you had some in your yard and just didn’t see them!!!! Give me a call and come on down. Also, you are entered for the $100 if you subscribed to the blog feed. You can use that for a photography wetland tour. Get a three more of your photog. friends together and book a wetland tour!! Won’t be doing Coon Point until next spring . . . so we can plan that out then.

  7. NOTE EVERYONE! If you want to be entered for a $100 (I am giving away two, my friends) gift certificate, PLEASE go find the Bayou Woman page on Facebook, click LIKE, and leave me a comment saying: ” I came over from the blog! Been reading it for ??? years!!” Or something like that. It is two contests . . . to get folks to go from here to there and from there to here. Totally confused now? And if this is STILL too hard, then I will split the contests up and do one at a time. Thank you and that’s all. BW

  8. It’s so sweet to be in touch with you on FB. I feel like I’m writing to a Big Time Celebrity! Thanks.

    1. Can you go back and tell them if they like what they see, then they can subscribe and leave a comment here that they are new subscribers, and they will be entered in the drawing? If not, no worries!

  9. HELP! I have a tour this morning, but I need someone to help me out with something. It appears that none of my FB friends have come over here and subscribed to the blog. I would like one of you to click the link in the left-hand margin of this page and follow the instructions to sign up for “email notifications”. Then, reply to this comment and let me know you did it. When I return this evening, I want to look at the Blog Stats and see if it recorded you as a new subscriber. Thanks in advance for the help!!! BW

          1. Yes, there are a few of those who do RSS feed, and they have been around a while, like you !!! Those are the faithfuls that I am urging over to FB, but I understand there are some who do not care for Facebook. However, if they are already on FB, it would be simple for them to LIKE the new BW page and be entered.

  10. Good news, especially since I friended a ‘Wendy Billiot’ a year or so ago that turned out to be the evil Wendy Billiot and now don’t have the heart to unfriend her, LOL.