Be back late tonight …

After being under the weather and off my feed for the past three weeks, and doing 3 tours in 2 days, I am finding myself not 100% yet.   At the moment, I am chasing my tail getting ready for an new chapter in my life . . . in my professional life.  I’ll be back later tonight to give you more details.

Now, back to chasing my tail!


Mommy, please slow down for a second and pet me, pleeeeeease?

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  1. Love the picture of Baby. Very cute and I know she misses your attention. Gee, I wonder what the new chapter in your professional life could be?!

    Oh, it’s just being able to be part of Captain’s Day at Cabela’s Sports world in Gonzales this weekend. I will be advertising the Casual Charters, which has not been widely publicized yet. That’s all!

  2. AWwww, is that your puppy??? So cute! I want to kiss your puppy on the nose….I’m still reserving comment on Tarzan until I see his picture. ;- )

  3. Looks like Baby is getting his/her own fans…..what a cutie!!!! Glad the HA’s are gone. Your overall muscles have been over stressed from the dental worries, pain, and procedures that they really are tired and now that the pain is gone, you can now feel the fatigue. Hope you can get some rest, but looks like your schedule is a bit crowded. Good luck on the appearances. Looking forward to hearing all about them.
    Deb in TX