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  1. I am now hungry. These remind me of sopapillas w/powdered sugar, & I love those things with butter & honey. May have to try this recipe and the one for Irish Cream.

    • The difference is that sopapillas are little more “airy” than these. Beignets are dense inside and could not be filled with honey unless you used a pressure hose, LOL!!!!!

  2. I just want to hang out with Foamheart for about a week or so.
    Going across river this afternoon in Quad Cities to pick up Ari the new mutt.

    Y’all should of heard local deejay destroy ‘Hubig’s’, then beejnetts would have strangled him. Roflmao.

    Sounds like great food truck food will waiting for the brisket burritos to get done.

    My man Miah don’t have a recipe?

    • Blu! You’re in my old stomping grounds. My dad and mom lived in Silvis when they married. He worked at Deere, and Mom worked on airplanes for a while and then on Arsenal Island. I had aunts and uncles in Moline and East Moline, and we spent lots and lots of time out there. Gosh, what I wouldn’t give for some of the good fried catfish we used to get at some place there along the river!

      • Ari the aussie got picked up in LeClaire. We zipped down to Bettendorf to spend some of my buddies money at this killer wood carving shop. blu can hardly write let along draw or carve.

        Duck Creek Pancake house looked like it had been there forever.
        Catfish was advvertised in windows…..

  3. Well, the beignets look good, but I’m going to save myself and buy some somewhere. I certainly don’t need to be making a batch that size – I’d eat them all myself. And yes, I probably could. I can be persistent when need be.

    I must say… it’s not nearly so enjoyable to have to scroll through all the facebook business now. I always enjoyed reading the comments here, but it’s much harder to pick them out from all the “likes”. Not that I won’t try, but I’m not sure I favor the change. I’ve never seen it this way anywhere – maybe it’s a new thing. I don’t keep up with new things. 😉

    • It has something to do with a setting that I’m not familiar with yet. My posts automatically post to Facebook, but this time, somehow, that feature decided to allow the FB LIKES to come on over here. It’s probably a toggle that I’m not aware of. I’ve deleted the likes, because I also find them distracting. Whatever you do when you find those beignets, don’t inhale when you take your first bite!

  4. My neighbor and I discovered we have all the ingredients for the Irish cream except for the instant coffee crystals. We’re going to get those tomorrow and give it a try!

    • Shoreacres, check your Email for another. I use the community dark crystals and messed up the second batch mistaking the little t. for a big T. The drink was good, but one drink and you buzzed all over the place getting all the work done for hours….LOL

      Hope ya’ll like it. Bet you’ll make more.

  5. The winner of the Mardi Gras beads is Gue`! Congrats and please email me your address or fill in one of the contact boxes from any page! I’ll get those out to you next week.

  6. ME? I won something? Wow. I guess my name was bound to percolate up to the top of a pile one day.

    Those beignets look absolutely scrumptious. I certainly don’t need to be eating any right now. I’ve about popped out of everything I own. Like Shore, I’d eat one and then snarf down the entire batch.

    I’ve given up chocolate for Lent. Again. What did Hubby come home with yesterday?

    Yep. M&M Peanuts and 3 Musketeer bars.

  7. One thing about being a non catholic I give up Lent for Lent seems to get me thru 40 plus days as crappie fishing picks up….

  8. Curious about this recipe. First instruction says to add warm milk to bowl, but warm milk is not one of the Ingredients listed… Am I missing something? Thanks for any clarification you can offer. I want to make these!!!!

    • Hi Steve, and welcome to the bayou. This is a “guest” recipe, but from reading it again, I see a can of evaporated milk listed, and I assume you are to warm it on the stove, but do not boil it. Does this help? If you make them, please come back here and let us know how they turned out for you and any improvements/changes you might have successfully made to the recipe! BW

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