Birthday Kidnapping and a Contest!

Ok, everyone. I’m home from slaving in The Cypress Cottage for a few hours and about to leave for a baseball scrimmage. I have just enough time to squeeze this contest in here and not make you wait until late tonight.

I flatter myself in thinking that hundreds, nay thousands, of readers are just sitting at their computers refreshing this page every five seconds waiting for this contest.

As you might have read, someone kidnapped me for my birthday and took me somewhere. This contest has several parts, and every answer must be correct in order to be in the final running.

Answer these questions, if you can, and the photos will give you some clues.

Who kidnapped me?

How did we travel?

Where did we go?

What did we do there?

What kind of cake did we eat?

Ok, let’s see if you sleuth types can come up with the answers. If more than one person gets all the answers correct, the winner will be chosen at random. If only one person gets all the answers correct, then we have an instant winner.

The prize will be your choice of one Louisiana Fish Fry product. You may see some of the items listed here that you may choose from. I have a few of them on hand.

Sorry, family, but you may not participate in this one!!!!

I’ll be back late tonight to check on your progress!

Let the game begin!



I love that some of you put yourself out there with guesses like “Terrebonne Bay”–man Heidi, I wish there was a place to eat out there. I get really hungry when I’m fishing and sure get tired of Vienna sausages!

We PARKED in the Jax Brewery parking lot, and yes we did go potty there, but we did not eat there, Steffi.

Ash and Jen (my nieces) are dying because they know exactly what kind of cake that was–as they discovered this restaurant and shared it with us!!!

Many thanks to each one of you for playing the game. It’s been a blast to see your guesses.

Here’s what the RBK Birthday Heist consisted of:

My daughter picked me up and drove me in her car to the French Quarter of New Orleans. I guess you could say we did act like tourists, because she even begged a parking garage attendant to let us in because it was my birthday. No go. So, we ended up parking blocks away in the JAX parking lot.

From there, we walked to St. Louis street, where we had dinner reservations at a very crowded and very loud restaurant called NOLA. It is one of Emeril’s (BAM!) restaurants.

First, we shared crab cake drizzled in some sort of tasty stuff, with some kind of crumbled cheese and tangy olives around the plate with a clump of thick stuff on top.  It was delicious!

“Pan Roasted Crab Cake with Smokey Eggplant Puree, Feta Cheese,

Kalamata Olives, Crispy Spinach and Citrus Butter”

We then ate a salad with red lettuce, black berries, some kind of fancy goat cheese, and a smoky vinaigrette.

“Baby Greens Tossed in Sherry Wine-Bacon Vinaigrette with
Blackberries and Warm Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese”

My entre` was grilled mahi mahi with sliced veggies in some sort of tasty sauce.

“Grilled Seasonal Fish with Vegetable “Capellini”, Pine Nut Pesto and Tomato Vinaigrette”

My kidnapper had some sort of grilled shrimp and roasted 

mushrooms on a bed of the best grits you ever want to hang a lip over.

“Shrimp & Grits” Sautéed Gulf Shrimp, Grilled Green Onions, Smoked Cheddar Grits, Apple Smoked Bacon, Crimini Mushrooms,
Creole Tomato Glaze and Red Chili-Abita Butter Sauce

And even though we were stuffed to the brim, what’s a birthday without cake and ice cream? We shared that lovely dessert in the photo. Yes, it is a piece of pound cake. But what kind of pound cake, some of you are asking? Rootbeer-flavored pound cake, and I swear the ice cream was home made. It was the lightest ice cream I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know how they made it so fluffly!

“Vanilla-Rootbeer Marbled Pound Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Rootbeer Drizzle”

After dinner, we acted like tourists and did some window shopping and people watching. As we walked back to the car, we decided to take some scenic photos to use in this blog and to help confuse those of you who might really think that we rode the train or the Natchez. Nice touch, eh? Alas, they were just to throw you off track!

I had a wonderful evening, and my daughter is one of, if not the most, thoughtful person I know. I wish I could be half the person she is. I count myself very blessed when I think about her. May she be well and live long on this earth.

So, who is our winner? None other than . . . . . Stephanie!

I think Stephanie had some kind of insider information, or maybe she even followed us or saw us there at NOLA. Ok, Stephanie. Confess. How did you know so exactly what our evening involved?

Email me and we’ll talk about when you’re coming down here to get your gift!!! You also have a boat trip you need to collect, young lady!

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful birthday! BW

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  1. CONTEST EDIT: If you name the restaurant where this dessert was served, I’ll add a bonus if you are the winner!

    Keep those guesses coming, people!

  2. Come on people! Where are all the contestants out there? I could win this, hands down (I think)…..but I’m not allowed to enter!! Lets get going!

  3. Happy Birthday BW!!! Hope you had a truly wonderful kidnapping event. Don’t know where you went but sure wished I could’ve tagged along…looks like lots of fun for sure!…
    I know your daughter from her wedding pics is one
    I would guess you went by car and given your local, looks like New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Did you take a river cruise or perhaps some gambling???? Is that a lucious cheese cake perhaps? I dunno…don’t get that far south much….but more importantly…Happy B’day.
    Deb in TX

    Hi Deb! Good to hear from you again. Been working hard, I presume?

  4. your daughter, traveled by car, New Orleans, walked around and pound cake with praline glaze with a scoop of ice cream

  5. Your daughter and maybe a sister?
    By boat, in the second picture there is water not sure about the train tracks, but mayby by comuter train?- was there a taxi involved?
    you ate at Natchez? asuming
    Not sure what city…… But I will guess Terribone bay? LOL
    The cake looks like pound cake with creme fresh – HUGE GUESS!! LOL
    Happy birthday!~!! I am sure you had a great time!!!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!
    1. Who kidnapped me? Daughter kidnapped you
    2.How did we travel? Traveled by car to get to New Orleans–in this picture you are standing by the Mississippi River where the Natchez docks. Then rode aboard the Natchez.
    3. Where did we go? In this picture you are crossing the RR tracks near the Moon Walk, then you turned and headed toward the Natchez.
    4. What did we do there? Listen to music and eat
    5.What kind of cake did we eat? Pound cake with praline sauce with ice cream? Sorry, don’t know what restaurant.

  7. Gosh….Its been too long since I’ve been down there!
    Obviously kidnapped by your lovely daughter and taken to New Orleans via car. Looks like you walked from there even though you try to confuse with pictures of the Natchez and railroad tracks (just guessing here). The restaurant looks like that one in N.O. with “Sisters” somewhere in the title but I cannot remember the name. The cake looks like marble pound cake with carmel topping, berries, mint leaves and I’m guessing French vanilla ice cream? Okay…you may now laugh heartily at my answers! Looks like so much fun though!

  8. I know I can’t play, but I parked there Saturday also. I didn’t see you though.

    Hey! I didn’t know you were gonna be “down there”. We could have met up somewhere!!!

  9. We know all the answers even the bonus question. We even know the dessert down to the details. Too bad we can’t play.

    And that’s why you were excluded!!!!

  10. Wowee… everyone had great guesses! I knew Jen and Ash would recognize the restaurant from the dessert — Nola puts that same berry/mint/creme ensemble on every one! Maybe next year when I have a “grown up” job I can plan a more elaborate heist! Love you much, Bayou Mommer! 🙂

    “Grown up job”? This, coming from a girl who works harder than any adult I know (at her four jobs)!! “More elaborate”? It would probably kill me. I was so full of rich food, that the next day I could hardly move. I felt like a big slug! But it was so much fun!

  11. Haven’t been to N.O. since April. I just happened to be in the same area as the photos. My daughter and I went down for her ex-boyfriends wedding, and the Recp. was at the Jax Brewery. As far as “what y’all did” that’s a no brainer, Anyone that is not from N.O. acts like a tourist and eats too much! Thanks, I’ll collect my prize(s) someday. When is (was) your birthday?

    Admit it, Steffi, you’re just one smart cookie! You should have been a PI, I think! It was July 9th.

  12. Very, very nice! You look wonderful… and must have been on Cloud 9. Happy Birthday!

    Hey you!! Thanks for the compliment and the wishes! I did have a great time with my number one gal!

  13. I know I’m late in getting here but glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! I love getting to see you in your new haircut also. I like it! I won’t even ask you how old you are. 🙂

    Glad your grooving on the hair, Kim!! And I’m one year older than last year when I wouldn’t tell you how old I was!!!

  14. I do believe this post must have the most comments out of all of them, eh?

    You could be right! Now, get back to work!