Blades of Glory

If you remember, in February, I posted photos of tall leafy blades of green that would soon turn into something gorgeous. It has happened, and here they are.iris-002a.jpg

Spring happens very quickly down the bayou. We go from erratic spells of warm dotted with cold, and bare trees to everything in full bloom in about two weeks. It is pretty amazing. The final sign that there will be no more cold weather is the blooming of the pecan trees. That happened this week, so spring has officially sprung down the bayou!


These irises grow wild along the bayou banks and out in the marsh.


The best I can figure, the purple are “Giant-blue Iris”.


The yellow are called “Yellow Flag”, which is an Old World iris that escaped from cultivation. Whether or not I have them named correctly, they are still beautiful, and I look forward to their arrival every spring.  I hope you can enjoy them, as well.


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  1. I doooo remember that post, and I can’t believe that is the same spot!!! It’s beautifully and magically transformed,……………wow! I think your right on the name of that purple iris…it’s our native iris which used to make me giggle as a girl, a lovely purple iris with small petals being called a giant blue….It reminds me of the grace, beauty and strength of our Louisiana women, strong, capable, and a beauty not only in appearance, but also in the way they carry themselves.