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  1. If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have found my “bayou family”!!! That table will always hold special memories for me and I’m sure for this group as well. When I posted a picture of the shrimp I received the other day on my FB, someone asked if they were flavored by BP. Two years ago I would have never given any thought to it but after reading this blog, coming down there and getting the area anchored so deep into my heart it just cut into me that so many people don’t understand just how far reaching that really was. I don’t even begin to understand it and I know way more about it than I would have taken the time to learn had it not been for my interest in you and your family and the way of life you love so much.

  2. In case I wasn’t missing life on the Bayou enough already…LOL

    We are all indeed blessed to have such a tremendous friend in ye, Cap’n. Wendy! The knowledge ye share so willingly, the friendship ye share and the pride we all take in seeing what fine things ye do with yer family and community (and most folk only know a little o’ that story).

    We are certainly some o’ the most fortunate Pyrates to ever sail into S. Louisiana – to be able to call ye “family” and the bayou “home”.

  3. Colorful. Scrumptious. And a good time was had by all. Good for you’s! I especially like the highway worker vests the Canadians are wearing.

    • As it happens, I’m the only Canadian…the rest o’ the crew there are all from La. The vest were fabulous though, weren’t they LOL especially as we were cleaning up the ROADWAY (that used to be a railway) next to Bayou Lafourche, so it was about 110 degrees with no breeze…the bulk o’ the other volunteers that day were young Scouts who worked very hard, but in the cooler and safer shore o’ the Bayou.

    • Brenda, aren’t those vests CRAZY?!!! A little clarification on my part, though, only Capt. John Swallow, the true pyrate, is from Canada. The Creoles are from New Orleans and the Miss La. Pyrate Wench is an Islenos from Chalmette, LA! I forgot to even mention her in the story, but I need to edit her in. She’s a magnificent young woman. I was in a hurry to get to my TV interview with FOX 8 New Orleans and posted it up too quick. I’ll go back and fix that! Thanks! Hey – write me an email!!! I miss your letters.

  4. BTW, there are a couple more photos posted over here o’ the crew – including the love o’ me life, aka QM (Quartermaster) Seika Hellbound (that’s second in command on a Pyrate ship, so behave) and our Master Gunner, Mr. Irish (aka The Irish Tortuga)…along with the lovely Capt. Wendy, the fabulous Bayou Fabio (in a shirt AND boots…he was feeling a bit off that day)…and two wayward sea creatures from Alaska!

    Did anyone notice Ms. Ashley’s blinged out shrimp boots in the photo above? Black with crystal skull & crossbones!

    • I thought I had used that link in the original post? Maybe it didn’t activate. Anyway, thanks for giving a heads up that there were more photos. This is by no means a complete report, but as I said, I was pressed for time and truly wanted to get this up before too much more time had passed and something else noteworthy happens around here! I will be doing edits this a.m. if time allows. Thanks, Captain, for completing things!

  5. So happy to read this blog! You and Termite were the most gracious and amazing hosts! That was definitely a great and memorable weekend and I can’t wait to come back and visit again soon! And no worries about not writing about me winning the pageant in your blog…the focus definitely should be on the wonderful memories we all had together getting to know one another and the great hospitality we received. And I bedazzled my shrimp boots myself for when I go to different festivals on behalf of NOLA Pyrate Week and coastal restoration 🙂

    • You are such an amazing and outstanding woman, I want to include you. So will you attend other festivals as the Miss La. Pyrate Wench wearing those lovely one-of-a-kind boots? I wish I had seen them when you were here. I missed that. I had a wonderful time getting to know you and hear stories of your family. Thanks for coming down, Ashley!

      • We are certainly fortunate to have the lovely, talented and very organized Ms. Ashley as our “Louisiana Pyrate Wench” and representative. Her genuine concern and effervescent personality combined with her thirst for knowledge are an excellent combination that we trust will serve the wetlands well – and make folk form all over sit up and pay attention!

        • Aww, thanks Wendy and Capt. John! I am attending other festivals in the boots, especially the ones where all the other visiting queens are asked to (it happens fairly often, most of the time at the festivals where seafood is being celebrated). I’m representing NOLA Pyrate Week next weekend for the Louisiana Creole Tomato Festival but it doesn’t call for the cool boots sadly. Next time I visit, I’ll be sure to bring the boots with me. I’m going to add more decorations to them when I get some free time.

  6. Great blog. I followed up on the links too. Ashley, you did a great job on your boots!!
    When is Bayou Fabio going to be on TV? BW will you let us know?

    • Bayou Fabio says that Animal Planet is coming to film him soon. I have no idea what show it will be for. I tried to act as his (free) agent in order to help him sort through the maze and not get taken advantage of, but that didn’t work out. I just hope they compensate him some kind of way for his efforts. I will let you know, though.

  7. Isn’t it wonderful when the planets and friends align so perfectly and spontaneously? What an interesting day it must have been with the fascinating Pyrate people and their stories to share! A spontaneous gathering around here would more likely include hamburgers and sausages on the grill, with some tasty potato salad on the side. 🙂 Always so fun to hear about Bayou life. Thank you! And what a sweet boy your Termite is. You do educate and enlighten us!

    • Before we knew it, it was 4:00 and they had to leave. None of them wanted to go, though. We could have talked into the night, I’m sure. My new Creole friends are only 90 minutes away in the city of N.O. so maybe they will come back more often! It really was nice.

    • That is some serious hardware. Bells a nice touch. Is that a flashlight? Don’t see these around here or NOLA, unless you count the ones used a newest mode of transport in French Quarter. Drivers of vehicles HATE them. Retirement close. The Ole Reprobait is selling out. You got fishing camp nest egg? Will rent out when not in use.

  8. I’ve seen that “Hardware” online. Thats a chunk of moola there. BW, you could buy a new outboard for what one of these cost tricked out.

  9. I got side-tracked and had to go find out what a catrike is. Now I know. Not only that, I know that’s what the fellow in my neighborhood is riding. Pretty amazing. I do like the fleur-de-lis bell. (Is that yours, blu?)

    You do such a great job of recounting your adventures, BW, and this was a good one. I was pretty interested in that Louisiana Creole Tomato Festival. Surely you don’t have fresh tomatoes already? Or do you?

    We don’t have any neat contests around here any more. Before Hurricane Ike blew Maribelle’s away, they used to sponsor the Miss Wharf Rat contest. Another tradition, gone… Maribelle’s was great. I used to know a guy who was there the night they found the body in the men’s restroom…

    I’m excited to hear Bayou Fabio’s got a gig. And how’s the radio show going? Still fun? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Yes ma’am. There are folks in the harvest research I am doing who picked their first last week! And cucumbers have been coming in for about two weeks. Because of the mild winter, some folks were inspired to get started on their gardens early, and the weather allowed them to. Everything here is a month ahead of schedule, including the trout migration to the coast. Oh, I hear a story coming on about the body in the men’s room . . . . And I am working with a local news producer to do a little piece on him possibly next week. The radio show has happened 3 times so far, and I am still very challenged by it and thus enjoy the homework, preparation, and the show time!!!!! Thanks for asking!

  10. Yep that is mine. Retirement self gifting not the 5 series BMW I wanted but I been watching this bike for years. Great American/immigrant story too. Real good Diabetes Type 2 therapy too. I never had a big wheel. 🙁

    R_S hooking up with M_D? So rumor is….

    blu is working on a 4-7 day blast and cast to Texas hill country.

  11. Girl you just have the most interesting life and you do know how to spin a good story. i have shared on my facebook page. Iam going to mention this to my children as a possible summer trip. HOW LONG DOES THE REDFISH SRASON RUN?

    • Well, thanks so much, Louise! I do get to meet some very interesting and great folks in my line of work! Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing. Sometimes, in the doldrums of the everyday tasks, I lose sight of these unique moments, so comments like yours remind me and keep me going! The redfish season is pretty good right now, but soon it will be so hot, even though lots of folks will fish all summer long out at the coast for speckled trout. The reds can be fished year round, and some times are just much better than others!

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