Boiled Crawfish — 5 Comments

  1. WOW! That looks wonderful!
    Once, unfortunately only once, I was treated to a boil like that. We were in Abbeville, LA at one of the baseball parents homes and they treated all the New England baseball parents to a traditional boil. Unfortunately the crawfish weren’t around then, so the substituted 100 lbs. shrimp. They flavored their water (same setup as you) with the crab boil and they also threw in a whole unsliced ham. The ham was our appetizer – just cut off chuncks for yourself! It and the whole thing was unforgettable!
    Thank you for sharing – wish I could have joined you!

    New England? Wow! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little more of our bayou culture! I didn’t post this, but there wre no crawfish left. We ate them all!

  2. We had our boil Tuesday with transplanted relatives from Calif. (think Katrina). We had all your regular fixins plus brussel sprouts. Talk about good, even some who don’t like them loved these. Just don’t let them stay in the pot more than 5 minutes because they soak up more seasonings than the potatoes or mushrooms.

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