BW at a loss for words?

Last month was a December for the record books — rainiest ever.  The past three days and the weekend to come might be record-breaking cold days.

And neither of those facts has contributed positively to the lifestyle of BW.  Therefore, BW has almost nothing to write about and finds herself at such a loss that she has resorted to the escape mechanism of writing in third person.

Because of the torrential rains and localized flooding last month, the usual fishing spots stayed turbid and unfishable.  Believe her.  She tried.  The bad fishing had a trickle down affect on the rentals of Camp Dularge.

The winter weather wasn’t good for wetland tours, either.

Turns out, house builders don’t work in the cold and rain.

What is wrong with everyone?

There are rain coats to keep you dry.  There are heavy coats to keep you warm.  There is insulated underwear and shirts.  There are gloves and warm hats.





Oh look on the bright side, you say.  She’s had all this time off.  Oh yes, that is true, but there is such a thing in the world of BW as too much time off.

So she is turning to her readers and friends to share their stories of life happenings.

Let’s hear what you’ve been doing in these long, dark days of winter.  BW is going to take her house plan around to get estimates on electrical and plumbing while you type.

On the road again,


PS:   Bw could not leave you with such a negative post, so she wanted to share this holiday photo of TiDu and the semi-feral cat named Figaro, since she looks  just like the cat in Pinocchio.

TiDu was the gift puppy given to BW to cheer her up after Hurricane Ike flooded her home.  Figaro is the offspring of Ike, the hurricane kitty that survived in a tree for days without food or water after Hurricane Ike flooded her home in 2008.

Then there is this Christmas morning photo of Termite and my grandkitty, Basie.  Basie and Figaro are first cousins; though they have never met.  I wonder if they met, would they know their mothers (Gus and Ike) were sisters?  It would be a kitty family reunion, right?  They look alike, don’t they?  Basie belongs to Dotter and MuzicMan now, and she has grown into a beautiful, peaceful cat.

Oh, there’s no stopping now.  These photos are bringing the warm fuzzies back.  And just exactly what happened to the BW family Christmas?

Dotter and MuzicMan hosted Christmas Eve and morning this year for the family.  They recently moved into a townhouse with more room and so generously volunteered to have Christmas at their place, and it was wonderful.  The tree was so pretty, the gift wrapping so cheerful, the food so inviting.  It really was a Christmas to remember.  Thank you both for having us!

BW is thinking that December was just a blur, but when she looks at her photo files, she sees that she somehow failed to write posts for all the photos she took.  She is now thinking maybe a recap of December might be in order, coupled with a contest.  What do her readers think?

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  1. You’re right, December does seem like just a blur. I’m in the process of “UnChristmasing” my house. All the ornaments are off the tree, now for the dreaded taking down of the lights tonight, ugh! With football season winding down, I’m getting that itch to get moving and DO something. Planning for the Bayou Weekend sounds like something fun to look forward to along with a recap of what your December held! Love the black & white kitty photos. I have had 2 black & white cats so I do have an affinity for them.

    1. Julie, planning a Bayou Woman Weekend for you and your volunteer comrades sounds great to me, too. It will definitely become fodder for blogging, as well. Your weekend, if it comes to fruition, will be the first one, so you will be making BW history! I’m looking forward to it and getting the crab nets ready! Oh, and your Bread Pudding coffee is on its way to you from Community Coffee. Enjoy!

      If any of you other ladies would like to get together a group of four women and do the same, just email me in the contact box on Bayou Woman page and we’ll make plans from there.

  2. Figaro is so very cute! I love her black nose in the middle of that white face. She’s just like a black and white Basie! (And yes, Basie has only one “S”, as in, Count Basie, jazz piano legend!) The spelling is misleading, I know… it causes a certain (annoying) nurse at the vet’s office to pronounce it “Bazey”. Yuck.

    Anyway, Christmas WAS lovely and I enjoyed having all of you at home. Hopefully in future Christmases I’ll have a bigger kitchen! I think that would lead me to be a less-stressed hostess!

    1. Mommer dear going to edit Grandkitty’s name. What a terrible grandmother I’ve turned out to be. Can’t even spell my grandchild’s name. Drats.

  3. “THE” birthday celebration on Dec. 25th was the focus at our home. Everything prior to that day is also a blur for me too.
    “12th Night” was yesterday, so today has been devoted to undoing December’s birthday decorating. I had to take a break from all that tinsel! Thanks for having this site. It’s better than Aveeno. (showing my age again…does anyone else remember those commercials?)

      1. Hey, you’re right it was Calgon! I told you I needed a break! It was Aveeno for Poison Ivy around here.

  4. Well, I’m still blurry eyed from December, as well. If it makes you feel any better, I am currently 9 months pregnant; waddling; still working; not fitting any of my maternity clothes (I am wearing a tent-like shirt and I just had to unbutton my pants so that I could breath); my shoes are too tight; and did I mention the waddle?

    I think I’m going to resort to wearing cheap stretchy leggings and a brightly colored moo-moo (patio dress) until this little guy decides to make his appearance!

    Oh … and don’t get me started on sweating profusely while everyone around me is freezing and cranking up the heater!

    1. Oh Kelly, how I do remember those days. Your waddle is very cute and much better than a duck’s! Please put me on the “call after baby is born” list, okay? When is the due date?

      1. I’m due January 19, but it could really be any day now. I will definitely let you know! Keep an eye out on Facebook 🙂

  5. Well look on the bright side. It hasn’t snowed yet there.

    I decided I better give in to the sleepless painful back pain been going on since Fourchon T week. Popped a muscle relaxant and slept away most of today. About 6 inches of fluffy white stuff here to get stirred by 30 mph winds tomorrow.

    Hoping to get out ice fishing Sat. and Sun.

    Blackhawks hockey on radio now and LaSportsman video after that on the Mac.

    1. But we love snow! It covers everything for half a day and then it’s gone. No muss. No fuss. We make a snowman, some snow angels, have a few snowball fights, and we’re good until next time! So, you and your aching back are going ice fishing? That’s just crazy.

  6. Can you believe they didn’t have school today because of the cold weather? And I guess the threat of freezing rain. Fiddler was thrilled.

    I finally got the overlooked Christmas decorations in the attic today. My s-i-l gives us a quart of apple butter each year, and I can’t tell you how much apple butter I’ve thrown out over the years. So, I found a recipe for apple butter cake. It’s a keeper. Fiddler and his friends pretty much ate more than half of it today. They were polite enough to leave a piece for me, though.

    On the tail end of a cold, so ready to get back to work next week!

  7. I am setting here about 22′ from the big Deerborn heater, shivering in my double sweaters & sweats and watching my breath fog the air! It is just down right cold here. This old house wasn’t made for cold weather. No insulation at all in the walls.
    My Christmas decorations are all put in their containers awaiting my husbands help to put them back on their shelves. I think a trip to the library to pickup some good reading material might be in order to help beat the freezies. If I can get the car to start tomorrow.

    1. Don’t feel like the lone frozen ranger, Cammy! We have no insulation, either. I think you should be 22 inches from the heater and not 22 feet, right? Have you read The Lovely Bones yet? It is now a movie, but Dotter said the book is very good. Also, someone just gave me a copy of Amazing Grace by Danielle Steele. I’ve never read one of her books, though my mother collected them and BigSis has read all of them, too. Golly, how OLD is Danielle Steele and how long has she been writing? And how do you do that when you have 9 children? She makes me feel like a slug! Happy New Year, Cam!

      1. BW, Cammy has 9 kids because she’s been reading Danielle Steele’s books! AND…BW, you have 5 of your own. You should know how it’s done. Sorry couldn’t resist! LOL! Delete if you must.

  8. It’s cold in West Texas with a little snow thrown in. I get to wear my boots and warmest sweater, but my poor honey has to work outside in it this week. I undressed the Christmas tree last night except for the very top that I couldn’t reach. This week-end – try to make it fit back in the boxes, get the boxes back in the attic, uncover my motorcycle so when we get a warm afternoon I can try my maiden voyage with my new knee.

    1. Oh I LOVE this comment! Gonna try out your new knee on the motorcycle when the weather warms up. Now, tell us a little more about your bike! Sorry hubby has to work in the cold, I mean really, really sorry.

      The readers here are just such amazing women (ok, and a couple amazing guys too)! I love reading about the varieties of life.

      Kim? We need a little comment from you about what you’re doing today in NM!!!

      1. Well, not much warmth this past week-end, but I’m ready. It’s a 2000 Harley Heritage Softail. Pearl white and black leather, just right for traveling and shopping along the way.

  9. Steffi, I don’t have 9 kids!! I think BW meant Danielle Steele has nine! WOW, I would have left home long ago if I had nine!! I have two who are grown and married and each just became grandparents in the past 3 months. So now I have 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren! All but two are boys also!
    Going to be colder tonight! Supposed to hit a nice, warm, 13º!! Lord, watch over my water pipes.

  10. I went ice fishing today. 12+ inches of white fluffy on top of 7 inches of hard ice. The fishy finder lit up 3 times. I caught nothing. Skunkola. First time
    at that spot ever. Temps dropping fast, clear as bell out.

    Blackhawks hockey on radio.

  11. I’m late getting to this post because I have been busy moving into our new house! More on that in a bit. I love the picture of your Christmas tree Wendy! It’s beautiful!

    Sam and I have been searching for a place to park ourselves at least part of the year. We’ve been full time RVing for almost 3 years. I was ready for a sense of belonging someplace again. We looked in western NC, TN, northern MN and all over NM. We finally found our special place in the sun! We are now moved in to our 15 acres, log house and guest casita near Silver City, NM. This is a great area. Our property borders a national forest yet we are only 20 minutes from town. I promise a link to my blog when I can get a post done on it. I may play copy cat and turn myself into “Desert Woman” or maybe “Arroyo Woman”! 🙂

  12. My tree is still up, we got an ice storm that froze the doors to the barn shut and we still have about 6 inches of snow on the ground from Christmas Eve. Basketball season is in full swing again and we have games every night this week so my tree may be up until after play-offs. Oh wait, then we start baseball season and that’s just a crazy crazy time. Think anyone would go for me saying I’m just ahead of the game and have already got it up for next year?

    1. I say decorate it for Valentines’ day and then decorate it for Mardi Gras, Then Easter, Then Cinco de Mayo and then 4th of July. That’s what some folks down here do!

      1. You could always throw a sheet over it. Then tell everyone you’re taking on-line sculpting lessons and no one is allowed to peek.

  13. My, my… I do understand that business of too much down time. The last week has been entirely unpleasant – just when the holidays finally ended and it was time to go to work, I couldn’t go to work because of the weather.

    All right – not strictly true. I could go out and sand, but it was too windy for heat guns and too cold to lay varnish, and then the water was too low to get on many of the boats. Being a wise woman, I surrendered. I moved indoors, took down the Christmas decorations, baked the Christmas cookies I hadn’t gotten done BEFORE Christmas, and sat around and ate them while reading books and blogs and 200 page health care manuals.

    Now, the ice has thawed, the outdoor kitty has crept back out from wherever she sought shelter and the warming trend’s begun. I may be mistaken, but I’ll bet in a day or so, you’ll have sun and warm too and will be ready to move back into first person!