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With more and more torrential rain, there’s not much else I can do but sit inside, and one can only clean house so much.  (Had you fooled, right?)  So, the chicken-andouille gumbo is simmering on the stove on this wet Sunday while I sit here at my desk.  I’m doing some research into different areas of media, and I need your help.  Since your feedback has proved so valuable to me in the past, I am turning to you once more for your input.

Here are some of the things I’m wondering about:

Do you listen to the radio?  If so, is it mainly for talk shows or music?

Is it mainly in the car, at home, at work, or on the internet?

Do you listen to pre-recorded podcasts online?

Do you find that you are turning to your computer/I-pod more and more for your audio/listening needs and enjoyment?

I’m sorry if a poll seems impersonal, but it will be the most convenient way for me to keep the answers sorted and easy to reference for my purposes.  If you would be very honest in your answers, I would really appreciate it.

Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace, and I really want to know if anyone listens to the radio any more.  Or, like using a DVR to record tv shows for viewing at your convenience, are pre-recorded podcasts becoming preferred over live radio broadcasts?

Your opinions matter to me.  So, if you would, please take part in the poll below, and then give me more honest feedback in the comment section after this post.

Let me hear from ya, and I thank ya kindly,


PS (I had a couple complaints that the first poll questions were hard to see, so I changed it.  Same poll. Different look.)

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  1. I have the radio on (usually WWNO) while driving, and stay away from any stations that might distract me from traffic.

    1. Thanks for the input, Sue! Still raining over there? Been pouring here ALL DAY. I’m thankful we’re not in a drought, but we’ve had more than our fair share.

  2. We listen to radio in the car (music) and streaming/podcast on the ‘net. It’s great to be able to listen to WWOZ anywhere!
    Most “talk” shows online have both a a live feed and a podcast (basically, recording available post show). The recorded portion is a HUGE bonus for most people – especially if they can download it to listen at their leisure (on computer or personal playback device). It is the one thing that has saved radio in many cases and brought it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
    Both the QM and I have participated in – and created – shows o’ this sort and it’s the ultimate content creation. Once a show is recorded, it can be archived on yer site (or other options like YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, even DropBox of Google Drive, etc.). (for example we have a few shows archived on the Halfpenny Dreadfuls site ).

  3. I answered the poll but just realized you omitted the option I exercise most – listening at work! Yep – out on the dock, I have my trusty AM/FM with me – one of the cheap ones from Radio Shack, since I knock ’em off into the water pretty regularly.

    Radio was such a huge part of my growing up years – heck, Dad and I used to go test the radio’s vacuum tubes! I am OLD! I’m so old I don’t even laugh at this – that’s just the way it was!


    1. Oh, that’s great! I remember the song! Hey, I thought I did have the work option: home/office/work. It was an edit, and these polls are persnickety, so maybe it just didn’t pick up the edit. I know there are some people who listen while they work. I’m one of those, too. I absolutely LOVED my first transistor radio and spent my allowance on 9V batteries to keep it running. The Top 40 station I listened to then is now KEEL Talk Radio in Shreveport. Thanks for taking the poll, you old fashioned girl you!

  4. Gumbo sounds perfect for a rainy day- I hope it turned out yummy. In my option, pre-recorded podcasts posted online are ideal for busy people who can’t always make it live- and easier to share with others as well.

  5. My comments will be a mixed bag today. We don’t want to mention old…I opened my eyes to see 6 decades of mornings at 6:15 this morning.
    I have to admit, I don’t listen to the radio a lot, but when I do (OH NO, I sound like that beer commercial I HATE) it is either talk radio or 60’s music. Most of the time if I’m by myself the radio is off, because I just want to listen to my own thoughts.
    BTW, I STILL have my first (and only) transitor radio. I think I may get it from the dresser drawer and put a battery in it. I’ll be on Grandparent duty later today, and I think the kids might get a kick out of seeing it. The 7 yr. old asked me not long ago if we had electricity when I was a little girl in the olden days!

    1. Oh, happy birthday, Steffi! And it’s the big SIX O!!! How in the world do you STILL have your first transistor? Did you break it out and show the grandkids? That’s hilarious — Hey Grandma? Did you have electricity when you were a little girl? LOL!

  6. Chicken and andouille gumbo, cajun comfort food!

    You mean its been raining down there?

    As a kid, it was KWKH Shrevesport and the Louisiana Hay Ride on Saturday, then Pop started listening to WWL all the time for the talk radio.

    But after R&R showed up and I had some wheels its was Saturday night, KAAY Little Rock, Clyde Clifford with Beaker Street from 10 to Midnite, and Beaker Theater from Midnite till 1AM. Then like most radio/TV stations it signed off for the night.

    1. Ha ha, love the sarcasm! I know you’ve been watching the new, cher! Well, you did have your favorites but can’t say I know much about them. You must be OLD, LOL!!!!!

  7. Me to, older that dirt, well not really. 75 this year. We have no radio in the house. I never listen to the car radio. I watch the news on TV and I love all the documentary channels. I use my computer mostly, do watch some utube stuff. I am also on several forums about things I am interested in. If there was a talk show that I liked and it was on my computer I would watch it. Bill

    1. So, Bill, you opened that door wide open for me. If this little ol’ BW had a live talk show about the great outdoors in South Louisiana, would you listen to it live streaming on your computer? Or would you listen to recorded versions of it? Either way?

        1. There you have it folks, from my new number one fan! I’m just having a little fun with you Bill! By the way, did you catch the fishing show I did this summer with La. Outdoor Adventures? It did finally make it to a national sports cable network–The Sportsman Channel. It was fun! Thanks for the kind words, Bill.

  8. Thanks everyone for participating in the poll. I think I see the trend I was looking for within these results. If I need to concentrate this further, I’m hoping it won’t be too bothersome to ask for your help again. Hopefully, though, I’ll entertain you with a new post before I belabor you with another poll! BW