BW Vacations in Playa del Carmen, Quinta Roo, Yucatan, Mexico-Part 2 — 10 Comments

  1. Ooooh! You really had some wonderful adventures! You are so brave! I could not have done the ziplining that you did. Snorkling in a cave had to have been wonderful! I’m so glad you got to experience all of it. Coati are neat to watch. They actually live here where I am in NM! And small world with Daniel’s brother being in New Orleans on a swamp tour! Too bad he couldn’t have taken one of your tours. The meal made by the Mayan man sounded wonderful too. You really got a real taste of the Yucatan. I agree with you a small personal tour is the way to go. When we were in Costa Rica we did that and it made all the difference!

    • I remember your mentioning that it was good to have your guide in CR, but I have to say it was weird not planning any of this trip for myself — to say that I was trusting my son totally, and he did a great job. I think, though, that I taught him well, because I used to go to a lot of trouble to plan our family trips in order to get the most out of them. While we were in the cave, he recalled learning about stalactites and stalagmites in Sequoyah Caverns, TN, on a family camping trip when he was just a little boy. He really enjoys planning fabulous trips, and it shows!!!! I showed all the photos to a friend today, and every time I see them, I get to relive it over and over. I’m still riding on that vacation enjoyment high! Trying to preserve some of that relaxation and pull it out in everyday life when I need it most!

  2. Food in Mexico is not at all related to the Tex-Mex food we eat here. Yummy, isn’t it?

    I’m thrilled with your travel experiences with David! What a guy. I’ve already gushed about him in another post so I won’t repeat myself.

    I love Mexico and have been on several trips. But going in those caves and walking those shaky bridges? No way, Jose!! You are one brave girl.

    When thinking back on your trip you will forever smell the ocean and jungle. Welcome home, y’all.

    • We will have to meet at George’s and talk about our trips to MX one day soon, Cuz. Once I was there, on that first platform, there was no turning back. I wish the guide would have gotten a photo of the “High Five” challenge. He stood down in the jungle, and we had to turn upside down, reach down, and give him a high five as we flew by! I just keep wondering how in the world I engaged in all that physical activity without one little back ache, no fatigue, and most of it without any fuel in my tank. Just goes to show that we don’t really need all the food we consume in a day, out of boredom or whatever, it’s just not really necessary. I so want to go back, and while I know it was a true vacation, and the next trip might not compare, as you say, I have my thoughts and memories to draw upon when I’m exasperated! I hope it’s not a “once in a lifetime trip”, though!

  3. Hey Wendy! I sooooo enjoyed reading about your trip! What a wonderful surprise from David. I just knew in your first post when you said you did something you never dreamed you would that it was ziplining!! I want to try it so bad! I am sure I would scream the whole time but I want to do it! I am not sure I would let go and zip upside down though! You are my hero! I know you are super busy and I am also with grandbabies but it would be so great if we could get together and reminisce about times gone by! Hope your day is great!

    • Grand babies? As in plural? Must be Carly!!! It’s a blast, but it goes by way too fast! I’d love to see you, too. I am super busy right now working diligently in an entrepreneurial program in New Orleans to promote my immersion trips. I don’t get down your way much any more . . . used to drive to GI once in a while. I usually fish the GI Ladies Rodeo which is this weekend, but I just don’t have the free time. But maybe one day we can meet in Houma for lunch or coffee or tea? 🙂

  4. What a fabulous time you had. And that absolutely is the way to go — no packaged tours for me, either. I’m past the time when I’d do the cave diving or ziplining, but that’s all right. There are so many kinds of trips, perfect for anyone’s tastes.

    Speaking of taste, that meal sounds absolutely wonderful. It took me a few years in Texas to figure out that Tex-Mex and Mexican are quite different. I enjoy both, but I think good Mexican food has far more variety.

    You certainly did cram a lot into a short time. I’ll bet it’s hard to move back into the “routine” — whatever that might be. What are these immersion trips you mentioned? Is this something new?

    • Well, it took a lot, figuratively and literally, into that wet suit, but I was glad to have it with all the rain. The other folks were soaked through and shivering. You know, I really was just totally amazed that I hung in there the entire day and never wavered or wearied. My son’s prayers were answered. And part of me just said, “Go for it” because he had gone to so much effort to make this a memorable trip. How could I disappoint him? But I’m so glad I did.

      Those jungle tacos were indescribable and were seasoned like nothing I’ve ever tasted. There was a language barrier, so I have no clue what he marinated the pork and chicken in. It shall remain a mystery! As far as moving back into the routine? It was the FIRST trip I’ve ever taken where I was truly totally relaxed, thus making re-entry into normalcy much easier than if it had been a stressful trip, if that makes sense. I think about the trip every day and draw upon the experiences, the feelings, memories of the sights, senses, and smells to give me strength each day when I encounter negativity. So, it is genuinely a vacation to beat all!

  5. Your trip was just what you needed. I know what it is like to just take off and go and really enjoy the heck out of it. That was what we did last year with only one actual planned event which was a friends wedding in Wyoming. I miss doing that and look back on it to help me relax too.

    And yes, Mexican food is as different from Tex Mex as night and day! Lots of my neighbors are true Mexican cooks and during the summer evenings, the smells are fantastic.

    Did you find out what that tree with the orange blossoms and white fruit was? It reminded me of a seagrape plant. There is also one called a Noni and on called Che Chen. I had some exotic fruit today for lunch at an Asian restaurant. I had cantalope and lychees. I love them.

    • Well, then you know what I’m talking about. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but I hear at certain times of the year, it is absolutely breath taking! Speaking of Tex-Mex, I went to a new Mexican restaurant in town yesterday, hoping to find a true Mexican menu where I could relive some of those fantastic tastes; but alas, I was disappointed that although most of the wait staff were Mexicans who spoke with heavy accents, it was just another Tex-Mex place. Sad face inserted here!!! About that tree–NO, and even though I put my query on Facebook, no one has been able to positively ID it. Someone else said it resembled seagrape, but after looking that up, the fruits just aren’t the same. Again with the language barrier, no one can tell me. I even emailed the Edventure Tour people to ask them, and they said it was a Flamboyant tree, but they are wrong. It’s not that either, to my disappointment. So, the quest is still on to ID that tree! all help is welcomed!!!

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