Cajun Caviar — 22 Comments

  1. This one really surprised me. We have a “Texas Caviar”, but its base is black-eyed peas, along with onion, bell pepper, cilantro, jalapeno and so on.

    This one looks good, but just like pimento cheese spread, there’s too much cheese and mayo for me. I like it, yes – but my arteries are thanking me for giving it a pass!

  2. I’ll have to file this recipe away for later. Hubby is on a bland diet right now (me too since I’m not cooking 2 seperate meals.) The Dr. thinks he has an Ulcer.
    When I first read about the absence of Sturgeon roe, I thought you were going to use Choupique roe. After all, it’s available locally for you to catch and harvest. The best thing about this recipe is that there won’t be that “fishy” taste.

  3. News from blu, signed up to be in Baton Rouge on 28th. Is the drum and hardheads running then? Ladyfish?

    I was almost positive this would be Choupique eggs…

    Where’s the rooster pics?

    I been wearing out cranberry pecan compote on turkey.
    Just been rolling it up. carbs driving me nuttier than usual in the 100 deg heat.

    happy birthday america….

  4. Oh and getting eggplant grilled rounds ready to be mini pizzas.
    lots of good greek eggplant stuff too.

  5. Hey Wendy, just wanted to say hello, it’s been a while since I ve visited your blog. But wanted to tell you how excited I was to wake up and see you on LA sportsman this morning!!!!! Excellent show, and if you were nervous at all I surely couldn’t tell!!!!!!

    • From your sign-in name, I’m having a hard time recalling when we met!!! But I’m really happy that you have come back to say hey. I’m also so glad you thought the show was excellent. No, I wasn’t nervous. Not at all. Those guys were so much fun to work with, I even forgot the camera was there! So, welcome back to the bayou!!! I hope you stick around! BW

  6. Saw you on LA sportsman this morning. I sent you a querry regarding a trip for a bayou tour and fishing trip soon.

    I will try the Cajoun caviar real soon. Sounds great!

    • Hey Rick, I’ve been on a very rare mini vacation to visit family back in North Louisiana. I’m back now and will tend to my business today. Thanks for writing! BW

    • Hi Denais! I have never tried but I’m going to say no because of the pepper jelly involved. I think it was become too watery during thaw process. BW

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