Cajun Kitty

As promised, here are more photos of the little orphan opossum . . .

And here she is again, a little Cajun Kitty. This title submitted by Lauri M. is the winner, but I never even mentioned what the prize would be! So, in order to offer an incentive to get her down here, the prize is a fishing trip at HALF PRICE!!! How does that sound, Lauri? Email me and we’ll look at our calendars together to see when you can come fishing.


Here she is again, looking more like a little mouse than a kitty! And “sock poppet” submitted by my daughter, really fits, too. She’s right, though. She won once already and I would never want to be accused of nepotism!!! No never!

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  1. What a wonderful prize!!! Will email you soon. Would be fun if RenRed and family could come too.

    We’ll communicate about all this via email!