“Cajun Navy” Rescues Flood Victims — 12 Comments

  1. Praise God for men and women like Capt. Chris! We had one of those 1000-year floods in southern WV too. Horrific damage and much loss of lives and property. We were not affected, but many friends were. I give thanks for all those volunteers who came out to help and continue to be there to rebuild and recover.

    • I have to admit that he and the others with him wanted to fame for what they did, but I wanted to let the world know all the good they did out of the kindness of their hearts and a desire to help. I’m glad you weren’t affected, and I totally understand your concern for those who were. For once, my community was spared, since this wasn’t a hurricane-related event. Yet, I find myself wishing there was something more I could do, but for now, informing the masses is my best effort.

  2. The true heroes are those who go about their deeds without thought of receiving kudos. Many thanks to Capt. Chris and his friends.

  3. Unsung heroes. MANY lives would have been lost without the Cajun Navy.
    Did you know that a the Cajun Army has now been formed? They are going out and helping clean out and stripping flooring, Sheetrock, insulation etc.

    • Yes, I watched them appear on Facebook. I’m all for a Cajun Army as long as they’re using the name to organize relief efforts. If it’s all about jumping on some kind of high visibility band wagon, then it won’t mean much in the long run. You know how human nature is. If you have it in your heart to help others, you will find a way and never think once about being part of a publicized effort, right? By the way, you won the La. Fish Fry two box of instant Cajun food mixes! Email your mailing address so I can get them to you!

  4. Job well done nephew, proud of you and the other guys that helped all those ppl. I know y’all would do it all over again.

  5. The unsung heroes of Southern Louisiana! Our guys and gals having been feeding people in Walker. We are headed up again tomorrow. When Louisiana needs, Louisiana helps. I am proud to be from Louisiana. Great article. If I see a share button, I’ll share on my blog.

    • Thanks, Donna, for all you efforts helping the folks in Walker. I’ll check out your blog now! No share button? There are several for Facebook, Pinterest, etc. so please feel free to click any of those! If not, I’m sure you could share a link to this piece on your blog or Facebook if that’s something you do. You’re welcome here anytime, and keep up the compassionate work! BW

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