Camp Dularge is moving right along!

While waiting for bids on finishing the veranda, front steps, and railings, the front porch needed something to keep folks from falling off until I get the rest of the work done.

Handy Friend

Handy Friend to the rescue!!!  He brought his trusty table saw, nail gun, and tool belt and set right to work first thing in the morning.

Handy Friend Job Done

By 11:30, he was finished, packed up and outta there!  And the coolest part is he did the work in exchange for a free lodging!

Front porch rails

The finished product looks great!  And the view from the porch is fabulous!

Porch rail sky

Even though it looked like a great day to be fishing, and even though the biting gnats came out with a vengeance after Handy left,

Fence removed

The Captain and I spent the rest of the afternoon tearing down fences, cutting down small trees, picking up sticks, and mowing the grass.

We have a scrap metal pile the size of Texas now, and no Junk Man anywhere in sight.  Up until two weeks ago, junk collectors were coming down here several times a week to scavenge from road-side trash piles.  Now that things are almost back to normal post-hurricane, they’re not coming down as often.  Scrap metal, anyone?  I’ll have to cut the pipes in shorter lengths and load them in my truck and take them to the recycler myself, I guess.

The only things left to do now are . . .

Messy drain field

to clean off and tidy up the drain field . . .

and bite the bullet and hire another contractor to re-do the slab.

Coming down to the finish line,


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  1. The railing looks great! With out it, that first step would have been a killer! Be sure to take MANY photos of the current slab. I’d get at least 3 WRITTEN estimates for the new work to be done, making sure it is written up with the reason it is having to be redone. Hey, I watch Judge Judy and The Peoples’ Court! (That’s where I get my legal expertise. LOL) Seriously though, It wouldn’t hurt if it comes down to Civil procedures.

  2. The porch looks beautiful! I’m sure your guests will thank you for stopping them from taking that really BIG first step! Sounds like your feeling better, I wish the weather here was that pretty to be outside working in the yard.