Camp Dularge Updates — 13 Comments

  1. Awesome! Looks great………exactly what are we suppose to be looking at in the re-glazing of the windows….I can’t seem to get past the TATTOO!….LOL
    Glad you are getting a new swing, I had the same worries as you. Too much junk in the trunk here!

  2. DS – Do you really want me to explain the re-glazing process? Or are you just joking about that teeny tiny tattoo?!

    These old window panes are held in little wooden frames by little metal points. And then to sort of “frame” the pane in the wood casing, a glazing compound, similar to caulk, is run along edge of each piece of glass and wood. Then it is angled off with a putty knife. After it dries, they go back and trim it and scrape it until it’s neat and even. A task I did not relish tackling. I was so excited when WW Paint said they could do it!

    I’ll take a close-up photo later and post it for all to see.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliments! I think she looks 50 years younger!


  3. BW…you don’t I don’t care anything about the re-glazing…..LOL…just looking at that little TATTOO! It does look FABULOUS..(the cottage)

  4. The Cottage looks great! Hope to see it next week. We were coming down today, but cancelled when the roofers called and said they’d come today. AMEN!

  5. The cottage looks great Wendy! I like the colors you choose. It is probably good to stay conservative. I’m happy to hear you’re up and running again.

  6. Got some in-law in that glass biz. When the glazing was popping off windows at Mom’s house due to humidity (sound familiar?) he said I should use silicone caulk to replace the glazing. Worked great.

    I think in the new economy golf (I hate that four letter word) carts are going to take over.

  7. Thanks, everyone! I’m glad y’all like it. I got me a couple plants last night to help spruce up the porch.

    Oh, I just realized I left out a picture of Mike, the paint scraper. How did I forget that? I’m not at my computer with my photo files, so I can’t fix it right now. Maybe tomorrow!

  8. Ok, I posted a pic of Mike. He was more than a paint scraper, though. He pressure washed, scraped, glazed, and painted!

    These three guys could have been my kids, so I’m glad I hired them and gave them a chance. At one time, I would have been put off by tats and piercings, but I have learned not to judge by the outside. Since one of my sons indulges in the same forms of self expression, I would hate for someone to judge his heart based on the number of holes in his head or the tat on his back.

    Ok, I’m stepping off now!!! I know y’all are not as judgmental as I tend to be!

  9. At least Mike’s got sensible shoes…..

    I used a killer pressure washer to take paint off my rental 15 years ago.
    Had to go apologize to neighbors and hose paint chips off their houses garages and cars. Oops….

  10. Yep, Blu, the chips do seem to be a bio hazard as well as eye sore. I wish had had the forethought to have those guys sweep all that into the trash or do it myself. As is, they swept it under the house and the puppies were chewing on chips–full of lead paint I’m sure. Ishi got very sick while she was here and had serious reactions to something which almost blocked her breath. It was a close call, but LilSis pumped liquid anti-histamine into her and saved her life!

  11. The cottage looks wonderful! So cozy and welcoming! I like the colours very much! They look clean and comforting, especially in a place where so much devastation has been the recent norm. I think you and Sherwin made a good selection. I definitely like the idea of the hanging baskets with some flowing green plants . It’s a lovely, lovely cottage, BW…well done!!!

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