Will someone please name this spider for me?


I would like to know what kind of spider resides between the “honeysuckle gate” and my swing. Since I’m pretty lazy, could one of you please tell me what this is called? And whether or not it’s poisonous? There just might be something in it for you, too. However, since I don’t want to have to search for myself to see if you are correct, could you please provide the source of your information? That way, we can all inform ourselves further, if we are not too lazy to do so.

On your mark, get set, SEARCH!!!

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  1. We have all seen these spiders in Louisiana but recently on my trip to Maui I found out a bit more of them. This is one of the few spiders you will see on Maui. A guide told me that this spider tears up tiny bits of leaves and put them in the web so that birds are confused as to which one is the spider. If you look at the web, the spider looks just like the torn up bits of leaves. I had always called them crab spiders but don’t know what the “legal”name is.

    Wow Kim! Great information! I had always heard them called crab spiders down here, but I thought that might just be a local name, because they really do look like crabs.

  2. I can’t even look, I have a HUGE spider phobia.

    Well, seems like I read about that somewhere on your blog! Good thing you don’t look–it’s really CREEPY! Finished the book–STEAMY MYSTERY!

  3. I just have to say that you take the most gorgeous pictures! Have you included photos in any of your books. You should consider doing a book with nothing but photography from the swamps and bayous (if you haven’t already).

    No, I haven’t already. I hope to use them here to help people know more about who we are, Carol. I hope one day to have a couple dozen worthy of print and I want to display them at the library and sell them with all proceeds going to wetland restoration. Thank you so much for the compliments! That is very encouraging toward my goal!

  4. You should do a photography exhibit at the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum and make a bilingual picture book for children.

    I hear you, Monsieur Rocky! You are nudging me in that direction! Let’s talk soon, ok?!