This is the story of my Bayou life…or, “How It All Began”.

  • Chapter 1 – The Move

    My olfactory nerves were on overload as the smell of boiled eggs emanated from the rich, brown soup that swirled around the canoe.  It’s not a smell altogether offensive, not reeking solely of death and decomposition, but a dark earthy scent exuding both life and death.  Some folks would say the water is just stagnant;… Read more –>

  • Chapter 2 – Skinny Corn and the Initiation

    Coastal Welding’s office in Houma, LA, where I was to sign up for the roustabout position, was dingy, with walls the color of cigarette smoke.  Decked out in my painter’s pants, chambray work shirt, and steel-toed boots, the industrial feel of the place fuelled my enthusiasm.  Behind the desk sat a very short, rather pudgy,… Read more –>

  • Chapter 3 – The Man

    Preface: Because my children don’t know all the details of my fist marriage, I hesitated to write about it. Since it is relevant to my life, I  picked my way through it as tactfully as possible.  And in case any of you were wondering, the names of the guilty have been changed to keep them… Read more –>

  • Chapter 4 – New Job

    My first job as a roustabout for an oil production company was a great experience.  Even though it ended abruptly, I never pursued justice but instead turned my focus to finding another job.  Being single again, there was no second income to fall back on, and a J-O-B was what I needed F-A-S-T.  Despite the… Read more –>

  • Chapter 5 – The Drilling Dock

    “Hey, gal! I’m Freddie.  I’m the boss around here.  I got word from the big boss that you’re our new dispatcher.  Your room is the first room on the left.  You’ll share a bathroom with that knucklehead, Ernie.  There’s the desk, the phone, and the radio.  No long distance personal calls.  Our call sign for… Read more –>

  • Chapter 6 – The Captain

    We hadn’t gone far up the bayou, when Roscoe pulled up in front of the small local store and gas pumps asking me if I wanted something to drink.  Never one to drink much but coffee in the morning, but not wanting to hurt his feelings, I said sure–anything.  Quick as a flash, he was… Read more –>

  • Chapter 7 – The Courtship

    How do you court someone when you live where you work, seven days at a stretch?  Any time and any place, that’s how, because in the oil field, there is no schedule.  Time doesn’t mean a thing.  Ever heard the old saying, “Hurry up and wait”?  Well, that’s the oil field in a nutshell.  The… Read more –>

  • Chapter 8 – Crew Boat Ride

    Crew-change day was there before I knew it and time to embark on a new adventure.  Oh sure, I had ridden on crew boats when I worked over at the production dock.  My first was a ride out to the edge of the Gulf of Mexico on a fifty-foot crew-boat run by a suntanned crew… Read more –>

  • Chapter 9 – The Deckhand

    For days after my first crew boat excursion, all I could think about were the mysteries that lie beyond the mouth of Bayou Grand Caillou  in that vast ocean called the Gulf of Mexico.  Previously, those were just words on the map sitting below Louisiana, between Florida and Texas.  Now, those words denoted a real… Read more –>

  • Chapter 10 – The Wedding

    1981 – Shortly after The Captain gave me the ruby engagement ring, we moved from my little apartment in Thibodaux to a rent house in his home community of Dulac, meaning “of the lake” because it sits on the edge of Lake Boudreaux.  Bayou Grand Caillou, which means “big rock”, runs through the community.  It’s… Read more –>

  • Chapter 11 – The House

    April 1981.  That was it.  It was done.  Small, cozy home wedding followed by honeymoon in Hawaii.  Time to finish up my first semester in Elementary Education with some good grades and take the summer off to plan, dream, and think about what the future holds. That was the summer I fell in love with… Read more –>

  • Chapter 12 – The Birth

    CHAPTER 12 – THE BIRTH 1982 – Pregnancy agreed with me, except for the first few months when I often felt queasy but never nauseated enough to toss my cookies.  It was spring, the time of new life, and I blossomed in spirit as my belly grew with child.  The only “scare” I had was… Read more –>