Catherine, Sharon, and Big Sky Ranch — 15 Comments

    • I know you would love it because of your big heart for animals. Kristin’s friend was working there the day I went. Being there reminded me of being at your home in Folsom.

      • Doing ok so far. We’re on our way home from Petersburg, Ohio where we stayed a few days with friends we consider family. They took us to Amish country, fresh produce farms, pick your own apples and other fruits farms, a cheese factory in I think Pennsylvania and a lot of gorgeous back country areas. I really hated to leave but the hurricane made the decision for us. We cut across to the west to go to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to visit our nieces and their families before starting home tomorrow. My car has 3 coolers/insulated bags filled with fresh, sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches, sweet, Italian peppers, cheese, Acorn squash and a few extras like moonshine and wine from the vineyards in Missouri. The liquor are souvenirs for the family. It’s been a great 2 weeks.

        • Wow, Cammy, sounds like a fantastic trip! All that home grown goodness sounds divine, and probably some cooler temperatures where you were. So glad you got to take some time away and travel!

  1. Fantastic artical. I would love to attend a summer retreat. I volunteer with the Gulf coast wildlife rescue here in Brazoria county, Texas. Can you email more information ? Thank you


    • Hi Michelle and welcome to the bayou. I don’t have information on their summer retreats but they have an active website that you can easily locate and check to see what they’re offering! Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the article! BW

  2. Really nice article. A
    A lot of work goes into an organization like this. I hope they continue to have many people volunteering their time.

  3. congratulations !!! I have heard of Big Sky Ranch for a long time & still haven’t made it out there. I would love to go there & visit one day. I love the work these ladies are doing and I try to do my part around me when I am able/ Thank you for sharing this article Captain Wendy !!!

    • Hey Ann. I encourage you to go out there, because while I was there, people just showed up to volunteer without calling ahead, and they were immediately shown around and given chores to do!! I’m sure they’d welcome you! Glad you enjoyed the article! BW

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