Cement work is boring . . . — 9 Comments

  1. Fine Fine I’ll do the catwalk….where did I put my stilletos? Oh wait, wrong catwalk. Sorry, it’s manual labor, I’m allergic.

  2. I mean that girl is a HOOT and a half!!!! Catwalk and Frontsteps sound like some kind of dance!!! But now I’m back and loaded with more interesting photos and more info.

  3. No need for stilletos need remesh though and order more than you need for tomato cages. They are doing it right I think. Used to pour some ‘cement’ as a child for grain bins and driveways and garages. Back is totally screwed up this week worse everyday. Thinking about cashing in the 401k for MD20-20 and living on the levee or beach. Naptime.

  4. Through all these pictures and this is the first time that I have noticed that the little shed is gone (there where we parked). Must not be paying attention. Everything is looking great!

    blufloyd…..question………is that MD20-20 (mad dog wine) by chance?………….LOL

  5. The digging is backbreaking work but wow is it important in your case. What re your plans for the under-area? Will it be parking/garage/storage?

    Anyhow, can’t wait for the next post…should be interesting!

  6. So that’s the twitch in my neck. Don’t go blowing that around. I try to keep my employment top secret on the web. Mostly cause I just fish.

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