Chantilly Berry Trifle — 17 Comments

  1. I like Trifles. I could easily see this as a good 4th of July dessert. The color combination alone delivers for this occasion.
    Dotter, good to see your contributions for BW’s last 2 post.

  2. We love trifles and this one looks really good. If you have them on hand, and one is allergic, try some toasted walnuts or pecans in it. Yummy.

    • I would love it with pecans, but some people in our family don’t care for crunchy things in their cake or ice cream (or brownies) although I can’t understand why not!!!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed trifles, and the combination of blueberries and strawberries is perfect right now, since both are available locally. Another combination I’ve done involves lemon yogurt mixed with lemon curd, some lemon zest, and blueberries. Otherwise, the recipe’s the same.

    Another midwestern summer favorite was to slice an angel food cake in thirds, horizontally. Then, you put something yummy between the layers: Lemon curd, a strawberries and whipped cream combo, or orange and lime sherbet. Frost the whole thing with sweetened whipped cream, and freeze. Bring it out and let it thaw just enough that you can cut it, and have at it. Wonderful!

  4. This looks too good NOT to try making it! I’ll definitely do that for the office, I know the guys will love it! I even have an old trifle dish I have never used! Oh, I use it to store odds and ends in, now I can use it for what it was made to hold!!! Thanks Wendy for posting this.

    • I hope you DO clean out that trifle dish and make some! You’ll be the belle of the office, as though you weren’t already!!!!!

  5. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it looks amazing, being that I love Rouse’s Chantilly cake. How do you think this would do with blackberries added to it?

    • Blackberries would be fine, if they are true blackberries and not the seedier wild dewberries!!!!

  6. I’ve made this recipe several times and I’m about to make it for a baby shower. It’s never disappointed!!!! Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Farrah, and welcome. I’m so happy that this works for you!! Love it! And thanks for letting us know! BW

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