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  1. You are weaving this story together in such a beautiful way and managing to capture the merging of not only two families but two totally different cultures. The photos add such a nice touch to time and place. So glad you did not loose them in all the floods your familiy has survived over three decades of living in the lower bayous.
    Keep writing and posting!

    • Lillian, these photos actually came from my mom and dad’s album, so they were never exposed to the flood waters. My album from the wedding and honeymoon got wet in the flood waters of Hurricane Juan, October 1985. Back then, I managed to dry them out and put them back in an album, and I have the negatives stored away somewhere! I wanted to put a wedding photo in this post, but they are in storage with ALL my photos and have been in storage since the week before Hurricane Rita. Now that our house is 12 feet off the ground, isn’t it about time I get my photo albums out of storage in Thibodaux and down here where we can enjoy them? 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging words, my friend.

  2. Ahhhhh…. here’s the context! What a wonderful story. You were one tough cookie, to not allow the absence of your future mother-in-law to upset you!

    And I must say – that description of the Islands has me primed to at least head over to the grocery and get a pineapple. I’ve only been to Hawaii once, but it was a beautiful place. I got a batik beach dress while I was there that I still wear around. It’s thinning out a bit after over 20 years, but it’s still a nice memento.

    I’ll say this – as much as I liked Hawaii and as many good qualities as it has, I wouldn’t want to live there. I don’t know exactly why. But Texas is fine for me, just like the Bayou is for you!

    • There’s no fruit quite as refreshing as a fresh, ripe pineapple, Linda! And those were the freshest and best I’ve ever eaten–before or since!! I’d like to go back, but only when I have absolutely no stress in my life. I love what one of the entertainers said about the difference between Mainlanders and Islanders: Mainlanders are always under pressure and in a hurry looking forward to the next season. Islanders are never in a hurry because their seasons never change–all they have to do is relax and enjoy!!!! So true, so true.

  3. Old lost buddy of mine (it seems they are all lost lately) was Navy in Hawaii. Lived on a sailboat for a bit and had another 12ft? that he toured the islands with. We used to carpool to college and discuss opening a $20 a bag grocery store over there. This before any of the Sam’s Aldi’s etc.

    Rumor is it is snowing here.

    What happened to the kewl icon jobbers?

  4. I am really loving your story. I would love to go to Hawaii and see the memorial for our service men and women. My father in laws ship was on its way to Hawaii when it was bombed and they were diverted. He always wanted to go but said he would never step foot on another boat or airplane so, he never made it there.

    And I would love that fresh pineapple, coconut and the other fruits that grow so abundantly over there.

    • Everyone has a story, don’t they? I had written so much in that chapter that I had to split it in half. So, it won’t be quite so long before the next chapter gets posted! I don’t blame your father-in-law after being in a war for not wanting to get on a boat or plane again!! Thank him for his service. The memorial is a silent reminder . . . there are just no words to say when you’re standing there. The reality of it all was almost overwhelming.

  5. Hawaii is a wonderful place but I don’t think I could live there either. I think you would like one of the other islands better than Oahu – with smaller towns an cities.

    Thanks for another chapter in your book! Again – I can’t wait to hear more.

    • Mom and Dad chose that island for some reason. I liked that we got to drive the perimeter and get out of the city. I don’t think we did one thing in the city, really, except for a couple night shows at nearby hotels–my mom was a big Don Ho fan! Remember him? And there are pictures of us schmoozing with Al Harrington who was on Hawaii Five 0 back in the day. Remember “Book ’em Danno” ? He played Danno. It was a great experience and I would really like to go back some day . . . . I was looking at the pictures of my mom and realized she was the SAME AGE then as I am now. Now, that is scary because time goes by so fast.

  6. I too, chorkled in Hanauma Bay! That is now how I will describe my experience. Getting away from the beach and exploring the Island and the local way of life was my favorite part of the trip. The coffee was great too! I could have done without the climb to the top of Diamond Head, my thighs still have not forgave me for that.

  7. What a great post! You are very talented at putting words to paper and tying everything together with a great flow…I look forward to the continuation….Will definitely use “chorkel”…very funny…Phil

  8. Well, I’ve never chokeled or been to Hawaii, but I like reading about you doing it.
    Get those photos out of storage and FIND TIME to put them on a disk!

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