Chapter 11 – The House — 33 Comments

  1. I have been waiting for another chapter but didn’t want to bug you about it! 🙂 This property that you build something on the back of. Is this the piece of property you live on now? I love Last Island. I also have spent the night in a tent and walked it’s dull sandy shores. I remember hearing the night hawks make their strange sounds as they swooped through the air and picking up things from the beach. Now I’m waiting to read the next installment!

    • I was hoping you’d be one of the first to get the notification! No, the family land is in Dulac, remember? That was our first home. I don’t recall hearing the night hawks, but wish I had!!! Now, it is a protected bird sanctuary and no one can walk on it, as we found out last summer on one of our Bayou Woman Adventures!!! (I hope the next installment doesn’t take me a year to write.)

      • I got to read Chapter 11 as I was taking a mid day break in the White Mountains so AZ. We are camped on a beautiful alpine lake. I’ve been watching the elk, bald eagles, osprey shore birds, ducks, a white faced ibis and even a great blue heron rookery! Will be posting pictures soon on FB.

    • Thank you, Cammy. This was a short chapter because I had to leave my desk, but I didn’t want to let it sit hoping to add to it . . . so I posted it to be continued!

      • When you write using chapters (not paragraphs), it’s a book. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s electronically or on paper,,,it’s a book. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. LOL

        • That should be …, not ,,,. I put my glasses on to read the rest of the comments and noticed what I’d done. I can’t see or type! LOL

  2. I always enjoy your writing and I have already read some of your earlier work.I have to get back to writing my husbands military journal. When you enjoy the outside, it is hard to stay in for me. keep up the good work.

  3. Oh, what a complete delight to find another chapter. And how neat to find some other folks who know about the nighthawks. They’re actually one of the birds that I found down here after growing up with them in Iowa. Inland, of course there are cardinals and chickadees and all that, but most of what I found here hadn’t been a part of my life.

    I love how you made your decision to stop smoking. It is true – sometimes we just “know” what we’re called to do. I like the phrase “intuitive planning”. It’s like something gets turned around and around and around in our subconscious, and when the decision’s made, it’s like it came out of nowhere. But it didn’t, of course.

    1981 was quite a year. That was the year my dad died, and I moved back to Texas to start a new career. You built a house, worked on a degree and moved toward starting a family. Can you believe that was more than 30 years ago? 😉

    • You capsulized my thoughts exactly as I was proofreading—married, building, and moving in between April and December. Man, I should look at that and realize that when I decide to do something, well, I JUST DO IT!!!! It really was a lifetime ago, because Dotter is going on 31!!!

  4. Isn’t it amazing to look back and realize how foolhardy and confident you were, to just think you could do all that, then actually do it? What a story this has been, BW. Enjoying every chapter.

    • It’s really weird to me how I lived live not thinking about the kind of person I was — not to sound uppity or anything, but golly, I guess I was just raised to do what I needed to do and move on!!! Great to hear from you again!

  5. what! tO BE cONTINUED! REALLY! I gotta wait to see what happens! LOL This is great, I loved reading this can’t wait for the next installment of this saga, seriously I could just invision all of this going on, you laying tile, clearing trees, all of it!!!

    • Sharon, did you happen to have time to glance back at the first 10 chapters? It sort of catches you up on a capsule of my life since we graduated high school together “last century”, LOL!!!! Can’t wait to see you!

  6. Off topic. Just to let you know, in today’s Food section of the Baton Rouge Advocate, there is a recipe for Fig Ice Cream. Maybe it’s online. If it’s not, email me I’ll send it to you.

  7. How delightful..the story continues. A trip back in time. Thank you for taking the time to capture these memories including James Southerns LAST ISLAND. I shared my copy with some one yesterday.

  8. Oh, boy! I was wondering when the next installment would come out.

    You two certainly had a busy first year. Wedding, honeymoon, land clearing, school, work, building a house, moving in and getting the family started.

    Fig ice cream?

  9. BW, this is totally out of the blue and not related to anything, but in your kitchen picture of your strawberry fig jam, it seems there is a lace curtain right in back of our gas burners on your stove. Does that ever feel risky to you? Is it just me, freaking out??

    • So, this is a little strange, too. Why did you put that comment here rather than over on that page? LOL!!!

      There was a lace curtain behind the stove, but it wasn’t a working window with no chance of a breeze ever blowing the curtain over the burners. So, no, it never felt risky to me. However, that’s no longer my kitchen, and you will rest easy knowing that my current kitchen has no lace curtains anywhere near the burners!

      • Okay! I feel better now! And yes, I became misplaced, but then I thought – these comments all go to you, so what the heck? 🙂

  10. Enjoyed reading Chapter 11, Wendy. When Google dropped its Reader on July 1st, I lost all my blogs, including this one. I signed up for your RSS feed though. Good luck writing about the thirty-plus years that followed this one. [One tip: don’t rush it so much. You completely blew past a Hawaiian honeymoon. I bet that was a story right there!]

    • I think there was a chapter about the honeymoon complete with pics in Hawaii!!! Thanks for getting the RSS or you can just click on the homepage to follow by email notification, otherwise. Glad you’re still reading, Brenda!

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