Chapter 4 – New Job — 19 Comments

    • Hey Cotton wife! Have you been AWOL or just lurking? I love this submission!!! I think this might end up being a People’s Choice, though! Welcome back! BW (By the way, I thought of you in a recent post about the place we call home. Did you read People on Pilings?)

  1. Love the title submitted by “The Cotton Wife.” Here’s another: Cap’n Wendy’s Adventures in the Wetlands or How Wendy Wound Up in the Louisiana Wetlands!

    By the way, did I miss Chapter 3?

    • Chapter 3 was “unpublished” due to a phone call I received suggesting I remove it until the time I could edit out some sensitive information. Sorry I had to do that. I know it’s not the most professional thing to do. And I haven’t decided whether or not I might be liable for anything I said. Bottom line–it was the chapter on how I got fired from roustabout job months later!!!!

  2. I found your website randomly a while back when I was homesick and looking for blogs about LA. (And have been an avid “lurker” ever since.) Love the story! How about “Offshore Office” for a title? Although, I kinda like “The Cotton Wife,” as well.

  3. I don’t have a catchy title, I must be off my game today. Will have to think on that and come back. I love the story. I am really beginning to miss my blogging days.

  4. I don’t have a catchy title but I like the one you mentioned about open toed to steel toed. I think everyone should come up with a title then you can have a vote to see which one is the most popular. I can’t wait to read each chapter. It’s a terrific story!

  5. How about something like…Open Toed, Steel toed, to Shrimp Booits…A Walk With Wendy.
    BTW, This Chapter is WAY TOO SHORT! Give us more.

  6. My suggestion is Wendy’s Wanderings: from the Oil Field to the Bayou Side.

    It’s so funny to read all this, most of which I was unaware when it was going on. Busy with college life, I guess.

  7. Loved chapters 3 & 4. I suggest “How the Bayou Got in My Blood” or something along that line. It’s such a progression of events that leads us to where we are now, isn’t it.

  8. I can’t think of a name right now because I’m still laughing…….hard!….about the skinny corn from chapter two. I went back to chapter one to refresh my memory.

    Speaking of memory, the first time I heard about you “working on the rigs” was right before we gathered for a Wilson family reunion. That’s what we heard, my dear, that you were driving a forklift on an oil rig in the Gulf. You corrected me when I saw you there. What a great time we had.

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