Chapter 6 – The Captain — 19 Comments

    • Ha ha, I don’t know about that . . . you never know how much men gossip, but I think they’re worse than women!!! Especially since I was the only female around, I guess it would make sense there would be some gossip!!!

      • LMAO,and pic’s too BW (smile),I was reminded not long ago about getting the girls basketball team drunk on Strawberry Hill and Slow Gin one time before a game,needless to say nobody was happy with me except the girls.

        • LMBO at you, too, Ronnie!!! Boone’s Farm and Basketball? Just don’t tell your kids! Funny you should mention pics . . . was thinking about where those old black and whites of me in work boots and gloves might be . In storage somewhere, safe from the ravages of flood water. I’ll have to go find them.

      • I just want to know the whole story and I’m not very patient. I think it’s a great way to leave a memory for your kids and future grandkids.

  1. Wow, Wendy! Haven’t had time to check your site in a while. Finally found my way to Chapter 1 yesterday and read through Chap. 4–almost didn’t make it to the grocery store before Dave came home. Finished Chp. 6 today and now waiting eagerly for 7. Love reading your “history” and excited to see “Roscoe” entering the picture. Good writing (!) and fun to read. Love ya.

  2. Oh my my my—-this is better than a Harlequin Romance! I got a little breathless reading about that kiss—-must. find. my. silk. fan. 😉

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