Chapter 7 – The Courtship — 26 Comments

    • I sent you an email, whenever you get around to it. Figured with 4 email accounts I probably should warn you, lol. 🙂

  1. Blu has been writing his life story too but since there is no romance, family, or interesting occupations it is rather dull. It does however have a hook in it.

    Pretty good so far, I think.

  2. Oh BW, this was a truly wonderful chapter. Unlike other “greedy guts’ ers” (who shall remain unnamed, ahem!) who clamor for more ASAP, this part in the saga had so much color, so much history information, so much romance, so much evocative description that I’ll be digesting it for days………

    I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve got diesel fuel and Formula 409 clouding the olfactory sensors right now and I’m sitting alone in a clean study! You’ve given me an earworm with the lyrics to emmy singing ‘Together Again.’ I’ve got to take two timed tests this morning and that song won’t go away…..Arrrrgh.

    P.S. Those are timed tests, not cheatin’ ones. hahahahaha 😉

    • Maybe Together Again floating through the brain will HELP you pass those timed tests! I hate to be the cause of a less than perfect outcome for such an avid reader (ahem, read ego-booster LOL!). We have to give Steffi a hard time. She’s been here longer than most!!! She and I met through a fishing forum, if you can imagine that! Thanks for the compliments, and I LOVE your term “ear worm” which I have never heard before but will steal from you promptly! Have a great day, M.E.!

  3. Oh, POO! I feel it is my duty to give some people a hard time! BW is in the ’70’s (maybe early ’80’s). I don’t wish to be in MY 70’s or early 80’s to read the rest of the story! LOL!

  4. I really enjoyed the new chapter and am with the rest of your loyal fans….waiting for the next installment!! And, someday, I hope to have a signed copy of your published book.

  5. Loved the details about your work, scheduling, life on board and so on. You filled in some details about “real” Houma history, too. Very interesting, and very well woven into the story.

    To my mind, one of the best pairings ever was Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. You have to know one of my favs – except in my case, I grin and start singing it when I think about leaving to Louisiana!

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