Christmas Eve Revisited, Part 2

We have always leaned on the side of conservatism when it comes to gift giving.  And there were several reasons for that–one being monetary for most of their formative years.

So when Dotter and MuzicMan approached me about the possibility of sharing their good fortune with Miah and Termite, I said yes.

They proceeded to formulate a great surprise as a way to reveal their Christmas present.

To lay the groundwork, let me say that Termite was not expecting any presents at all since his brothers (and I) had given him quite a bit of hunting gear during duck season, which he really needed and received as “early” gifts.  He was fine with that.

Since he wasn’t expecting any gifts, he asked if he could hand out the gifts one by one.  Dotter told him that the two flat packages against the wall were just boring gifts for Miah and him and to leave those until last.

From us, they received clothing–socks, underwear, pants, and shoes and they seemed happy to get them.  And they received a couple of little gifts from Daboo and Danno.

And then it was time for the boring, flat gifts that were left until last.



Notice they have their eyes closed, as per sister’s instructions.


Calendars?  Yea, thats pretty boring.  Chesapeake Bay retrievers for Termite and High School Musical for Miah.


Daboo says, “Hey, that’s messed up!  Somebody wrote on your calendars!”


Termite, holding up the proof to his sister that someone did indeed write numbers on his calendar.


Danno, the comedian, says, “Wow!  Look at this!  It’s a bunch of numbers counting down to something!”


To further confuse the boys, MuzicMan hands them a letter to read, saying “Read it out loud”, while Miah scratches his head trying to figure out why someone wrote numbers on his calendar.


Blah dee blah dee blah dee blah . . . we love you and want to do something really special with you . . . and the reason you got new clothes tonight . . .  the countdown on the calendar means we are going some place . . . . .


really special . . . and that place is . . .


Disney World in Orlanda, Florida!!!






And I think Termite was just stunned beyond belief.  Actually,I think he was overwhelmed with the enormity of the gift and overcome with emotion and was sitting on the couch, hiding his face . . . . from my camera . . .

And to all a good night!


PS  I just love that my boys are so expressive!!!!  Don’t you?  LOL!

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  1. Termite was obviously filled with emotion not wanting to have his picture taken. (We know he’s not camera shy) But Miah, The last picture says it all…”He’s walking on air”!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Mouse? Sweet. If we flood this weekend as forecast I’ll be ready to go noon Monday. Minus nothing last Sunday to 60 degrees and 3 inch rains Saturday. More wet for the wetlands.

    And that looks like an awesome bachelor pad. Where’s the pool table?

  3. The look on Miah’s face is priceless. Wonder if they (Daboo and Miah) can do that jump again? And when will they be going on this wonderful trip?

  4. This is a great posting! I read it twice to just savor it all!

    Thanks for letting us all have a teensy glimpse of “joy!”

    Love you!

  5. That last photo of Miah…….looks like he was doing the Velcro on the wall thing!! Way cool of the newlyweds to share their good fortune with the boys. I got a thrill looking at all your kids’ faces.

  6. You betcha’ it does! I have to constantly keep reconciling my memories of those sweet, sweaty, curly-headed little tykes running about with these…these MEN that they are now! But, and here’s confession time now, DoVi is the One who truly is blowing my mind…she’s gloriously beautiful, and a woman! Lawsy, I guess I AM that graying heifer I see in the camera/TV monitor in line at the store! LOL!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! It brought tears to my eyes. I remember feeling that joy many years ago, when my younger sister and I were given a trip to Disney World as an early Christmas present. Our family had weathered many conservative Christmases. That trip will always be one of those precious memories I carry with me!

    A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!