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  1. Food Chain. Momma Nature’s sacred circle of life.
    I luv the coming autumn season when spider webs dripping jewels of dew sparkles in the early morning sun.

  2. So the banana spiders are out already? Must be time for fall!

    Yes, Kim, isn’t it amazing? One morning this week I walked outside to the absence of humidity and the sky had a green aura like after a hurricane. I sensed the earth had tilted slightly; and now sunrise is after 6 a.m., not before.

  3. Ooooh, I know they are necessary in the great scheme of things – but I HATE spiders! My sympathies are all with the locust. They have such a short life anyway, seems terrible to shorten it further!

    I look forward to the first song of the cicada high in the live oak trees signaling the onslaught of summer; and then before you know it, the banana spider webs extend between the branches of the same oak trees, trapping the beautiful cicadas for food.

  4. One of my lovely memories of my indoor Siamese centers around a locust. She was sitting on the second floor balcony (which fronted a small, tree-lined creek) outside the kitchen, when she suddenly darted back in. You could almost hear her saying, “See, Momma, I told you I could catch a bird!” A locust had literally flown head first into her mouth and its wings were flapping on each side of her jaws. She was so upset with me when I took it away and released it!

    Great story, Joan!