Coastal Louisiana: The Marine Life — 15 Comments

  1. I’m picturing “Shrimpy” with horned rim glasses and wearing tiny swim fins on his swimmerets.
    Good job! When is the next installment?

  2. Hope this story is an indication you’re feelin a lil mo up. Now da news dat the oil has been plug for the time it mite make you day mo brighter. Nia maybe som of dat fig stuff can stat ta leak out dem jaws I’d be glad ta help with the clean up.

    • I’ll be sure and give you a jar of fig preserves, Robert. If this is indeed the ole reprobait that knows neither how to speak or spell, but he sure does know how to ride a lawn mower. Right, Kim? LOL!

      • I goin to hold you ta dat fig stuff jaw. I taut I was spel tings rite. I went ta dat school up the byu den ta dat big tiga school up da in red baton city. Nia I jus run a supermarket not far from dat verret pond..
        Have a great day Captian

        • Okay, this is a case of mistaken identity. I apologize for calling you an old “reprobait”. That refers to another person named Robert who loves to misspell words on forums. Sorry about that. BW (PS I do know who you are, though *wink*)

  3. Swimmerets? No kidding! I’ve never heard that word in my life, but it sure does describe all those busy little feet!

    There’s something you & your readers just have to see – a shrimp on a treadmill, with all those little swimmerets just going like crazy. The site belongs to a bait shop and seafood market down the road a piece from me – a few people have laughed themselves silly at this – the little video is on the right side of the page. It should start automatically.

    Love this entry – now I’m off to oysters!

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