Community Coffee Canister Winner!

Well, it’s been a long week.  Many of you read the post about Redneck Gumbo and you had a lot of good comments.  Some of you even rushed out and bought the ingredients, which is AWESOME!!  And then a couple of you even came back and said how deelish it was!   I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to do all of the above.  The internet is an amazing tool, isn’t it?

I had a great day today with reader Diane Huhn.  Hope she doesn’t mind me tattling of her whereabouts.  We took off in the Wetland Tour tooner boat to parts unknown and ended up visiting with the swamp dwellers!  Diane is from Michigan and has lived down here in a motor home for the past nine months acting as the volunteer coordinator for Bayou Grace in organizing the ongoing recovery effort from Katrina, Rita, and now Gustav and Ike.  She deserves a day off, so I gave her one!

More about that later or on her blog at Blue Dog Nights.

Now it is time for the drawing done by for the coffee canister.

coffeefreshcanister2-sAnd the winner is:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-14 02:03:43 UTC

The person who made the 26th comment (not counting mine) is Melanie!  Melanie just experienced beginner’s luck, because this is her first time to visit Bayou Woman and leave a comment!

Okay, coming soon, a new post and a chance to win something else next week!


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  1. Nice of you. A motor home looking like an option for me, my real estate tax bills are $6000 a year so time to pull the plug I think.

    1. Blu, you keep saying stuff like that, but you know you can’t leave the snow, the fish, and all your yankee fishing buddies in Chicagoland to come down here and be a loner! What? You waiting for an invitation? And by the way, today is the 14th and I don’t think you’re down here yet, are you? LOL!

    1. Putting that Motor home on a barge should be easy. Just need to get some hefty ramps! I’d think the barge would be a bit harder to come by. LOL I’ve seen articles about caravans of MH’s on train flat cars. Maybe you could be a pioneer and pave the way for others on the barge idea.

  2. OMG! What? Really I won? I never win anything! I’m thrilled!!! I can really use this too…. we’re pretty big coffee drinkers, Community all the way!

    1. Yes, Melanie! You really did win!! Hey Scott, you hear all that free advertising, huh? “Community all the way”! Mel, Scott is the man from Community who is going to send you your gift. Can you please email me your home address so he can get that out to you Monday? Thanks.

  3. I forgot to say, “Congrats, Melanie!”, because I was already jealous just knowing y’all got to visit the swamp dwellers.

  4. Loner I got down to a science. It’s rental biz and medical biz and nonsense dealing with work messing my life up. I think I’ll go fishing.

  5. I’m BACK!!!! Did ya miss me? I can’t believe I won!! Woohoo! As we were taking a transfer to the ship there was a couple talking about Community Coffee and how amazing it was so now I will have to order some to try it for myself. I did bring home some Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, it’s really good.

    1. Yes, I missed you and your humor! Hope you had a great trip! And hang on, I’m not positive, but there might be a bag of Community in your package!

  6. Where’s Termite? I think I prefer Termite drawing the names out of the hat! I had better luck with him. (Termite, just between the two of us, there might just be an extra Slim Jim for you if you can convince Mom to go back to the primitive way of picking winners.) LOL!

    1. Wow! I thought the thing would thrill everyone! I could back to the old way. It just takes me longer that way! I have to write all these names on equal-sized strips of paper and put them in the fish bowl! Maybe if you give him a bag of beef jerky he’ll make the name strips for me, too!

      1. Two bags Jerky, handful of Slim Jims, and …I’ll send him the names (on equal sized strips of paper) to put in the bowl. Termite wins and so do I! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        P.S. For those who don’t know me, I am just kidding!

  7. WooHoo!!!! UPS just delivered my Anniversary travel mug from Community Coffee. Now if I could eat or drink anything (really long story–see my facebook) I would brew me up some coffee and enjoy.

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