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  1. How about some cool, no oven needed desserts to beat the heat? These 103º + temps are killing us.

    I used a crockpot for tonights meal. I have a feeling I will be using it, the toaster oven on my enclosed back porch and the microwave for the rest of the week too.

    Just one little burner going causes the temperature to rise quick. I may have to chain this window unit up to keep it from running away too.

  2. COFFEE……I NEED COFFEE!!!!!!!! Too bad it’s 102 degrees with 3 billion % humidity. When we say it’s Oklahumid, we mean it!!!!!

  3. How about some home construction news or “The Adventures Of Termite”. To the newbies here, y’all really missed out during duck hunting season. I STILL get “giggly” thinking about that post!

      • Did I miss out on another post that would give me a smile (like what’s on my face now)? I might just have to go to the archives and do a little research. I do believe the Duck Calling post was my favorite post of all.

    • Well, Granny Sue, you missed your chance!!! And all those lovely coffees to choose from, too!! But Com. Coffee is giving away something every week! So, you are more than welcome to come back.

  4. blufloyd at yahoo dot com is in the building.

    No wonder the fishies weren’t biting I was supposed to be home surfing.

    Send me the ground dark roast I’ll compare it to the Folger’s Black Silk I been drinking. Btw this stuff would be excellent iced no bitterness when cold.
    I swallow the dregs after work.

    Thought all good southern ladies had a summer kitchen detached from the house.

    Sac au lait and bream on huge chartreuse popper cause it was what they wanted. Kicking around an end of August trip down the Mountin’s of Du.

    Sorry Ladies, I am pretty lucky at times.

  5. Blufloyd, My detached kitchen is in use right now. I brined a Turkey Breast yesterday and put it on the “Patio Smoker” (aka Detached kitchen) 30 minutes ago. My detached kitchen also includes a charcoal pit and a gas grill with side burner.

  6. Tried that brined turkey thing xmas or something. I hate salt I see no advantage to sodium soaking good turkey. Next to inedible was my verdict.
    I been looking for a non juiced breast but no luck. That 20% solution in pork and poultry isn’t worth anything.

    • Now, Blu. What did I tell you about criticizing food that other folks think is good? If you hurt Steffi’s feelings, I might just have to delete your comment! (All in a jestful tone, of course!)

  7. No hurt feelings here. I’ve smoked different meats without brining and they were great, but poultry needs it …IMHO. It is just too dry without a good soaking in a sugar and salt brine. I’m fairly new to brining , and I just don’t “get” why you need to rinse the bird (then season it w/salt, etc.) before cooking it.
    BW, maybe this is something that could lead to another topic. One that is close to your heart too. Let’s hear something about The Capt.’s Native American roots and the Houma Indian cooking traditions in particular. I’m sure you could sweet talk someone for info.

  8. Only 2 trips to fix brakes, 1 for brakes and another to reattach loose spring a ma bobbers. Too beat to fish tonight.

    Great wade in creek though. Lunch with the fishies, punkinseeds, goggle eyes, LMB greenies, and creek chubs. on the fly.

  9. It’s here and brewing. Postmaster loves Black Silk too. I’ll run him a sample over on way to lake.

    Heading down last week of August. Kamp Dennis.

    • Well, Blu, just want to let you know I’m offering Water Taxi Services (for a fee of course). Will drop off you and kayak out in the saltwater marsh and come back and get you about four hours later. If a gator gets you, make sure you can still dial your cell phone! I’ll be there sooner!

  10. I travel with Dunkin. It’s a curse I know.

    Pot of veggies n sausage going. Cabbage carrots yukon gold tators etc and
    stuff. Let’s just say smells way good.

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